FIFA 23 Dodo SBC: How to Unlock INSANE Rulebreakers Card

FIFA 23 Ultimate Team is well underway, and the Rulebreakers are defining the meta.

The Rulebreakers promo has already brought us some awesome cards via SBC, and Team 2 is available in packs right now.

The FK Liepāja midfielder Dodo is the latest player to pick up a huge upgrade via a Rulebreakers SBC. Here's how to get your hands on him.

Dodo (OVR 85)

Start Date: Saturday, 22nd October

Expiry Date: Saturday. 29th October

SBC Requirements

You'll need to submit two squads to unlock the 85 rated midfielder:

Top Form

  • Minimum 1 In Form Player
  • Minimum 1 85 or higher rated player
  • Minimum Squad rating 83

Reward - 1 x Small Gold Players Pack

Serie A

  • Minimum 1 Serie A Player
  • Minimum 2 86 or higher rated players
  • Minimum Squad Rating 84

Reward - 1 x Mixed Players Pack


One by one, their signature playing styles have been flipped on their head, with upgrades you might not expect to some of the best players in FIFA 23.

Each Rulebreaker is an opportunity to reinvent how you build your squad with players that can break the mould and shine in new roles.

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