FIFA 23 - Are Showdown cards dynamic?

With the Showdown Series set to return to Ultimate Team for a second year running, some FUT players need to be refreshed on exactly how the FIFA 23 special items work.

First of all, EA will select two players for Showdown cards that are released into FUT simultaneously, giving you the time to decide whether you'd like to unlock one, or both of them for your club.

But are Showdown cards upgradable this year? Check out all the details on whether FUT 23 Showdown items are actually dynamic below.

Are Showdown cards dynamic?

The short answer is yes, Showdown cards are dynamic.

However, it's not that simple. Not all Showdown items are guaranteed to receive further upgrades after their release.

Showdown items are eligible to receive either a +2 OVR, +1 OVR or no upgrade at all.

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The upgrade that a Showdown card receives is determined by real-world footballing fixtures and results.

The fixtures selected will be hand-picked by EA, usually pitting two relatively equal sides up against each other in significant matches and local derbies.

To find out exactly how the Showdown card upgrades work, head here.

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