FIFA 23 Antiste Objectives - Complete Silver Stars & unlock a FREE Winter Wildcards Swaps Token

It's that time of the week again - a new Silver Stars player has just landed in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team and once again EA has put a twist on proceedings.

Sassuolo striker Janis Antiste has been selected for a Silver Stars item in FUT 23 but this time it's a Winter Wildcards version.

Completing the Silver Stars this week will also grant you a Winter Wildcards Swaps Token.

So, find out how you can unlock the French forward and how long you'll have to secure him, and the Token, for your Ultimate Team squad below.

Start & Expiry Dates

As always, you'll have just one week to unlock the Silver Stars Antiste at which point your shot at this card will expire.

Start Date: Wednesday, 4 January at 1pm ET / 6pm GMT

Expiry Date: Wednesday, 11 January at 1pm ET / 6pm GMT

Objective Requirements

The regular Ultimate Team aficionados among you will already know exactly what needs to be done to unlock the weekly Silver Stars item.

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RAW PACE - Antiste is absolutely rapid

As has been the standard for some time, you'll have these three objectives to complete if you want to get your hands on the 74-rated Antiste card.

All three tasks must be completed in the Live FUT Friendly: Silver Lounge.

The objectives are as follows:

  • Win 3 matches in the Live FUT Friendly: Silver Lounge
  • Score 8 goals in the Live FUT Friendly: Silver Lounge
  • Assist 6 goals in the Live FUT Friendly: Silver Lounge

Free Winter Wildcard Swaps Token

For completing the Silver Stars objectives this week you will also get a free Winter Wildcard Swaps Token.

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KEY TO SUCCESS - Swaps programs are the best way to get your hands on top rewards

Winter Wildcard Swaps Token Ballet is on offer this time around.

You can stay up to date with every single Winter Wildcard Swaps Token here.

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