FIFA 22: When will the Signature Signings promo be released in FUT?

An all-new event is set to arrive in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team VERY soon!

The leaked ‘Signature Signings’ event has taken over FUT social media recently and fans can't wait to see what's in store!

Find out exactly when the brand new promo will be released in FUT 22 below.


When is the Signature Signings promo?

The Signature Signings promo is set to join up with the Black Friday event, happening this Friday, 26 November.

It could be a mini-release, like the Record Breakers last year, or it could be the start of another longer promo.

Although not confirmed, we expect to see cards released at the usual promo time of 1pm ET / 6pm GMT.

They could come out slightly earlier, depending on the schedule for other Black Friday events, which is likely to include Best of TOTW and Flash SBCs.

What to expect

EA hasn't given us any details yet, so all we know so far is a list of potential players going to be included and the probable name of Signature Signings.

We know that the players will have received some kind of upgrade, and it could be themed around top signings clubs have made in recent years.

As well as the players in the list above, FUTZone on Twitter has also suggested that Juventus' Italian legend Giorgio Chiellini could be part of the squad too, although we have also seen rumours of a Flashback Chiellini SBC too.

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