FIFA 22 Ultimate Team: EA launch the MOST RIDICULOUS SBC of the year

FIFA 22 is drawing to the end of its cycle, but that doesn't mean that EA can't pull a classic trick before the game is out.

With the FUTTIES promo in full swing and a bunch of new and exciting cards arriving/returning, a long-awaited superstar finally received a deserved boost.

However, this SBC is not what it seems, with arguably the most ridiculous set to of requirements being released alongside this card.

Ferland Mendy SBC

Ferland Mendy is a player that many FIFA 22 Ultimate Team players love, with his mix of pace, power and natural crossing ability making him one of the best left-back cards available in FIFA 22.

Many had been calling out for him to receive an upgrade during FUTTIES season, and those people finally got what they wanted.

However - as has been the case on many occasions - this wasn't going to be a case of EA offering Mendy up on a plate.

Instead, the powers that be have decided to create an end-of-year SBC that will require the submission of 18 squads... something many Prime Icon Moments cards haven't required this year.

Mendy - now switched from LB to CM - would cost FUT players near enough 2.5 Million coins, making him completely unobtainable for the majority of players.

Whilst there's no real issue with an overpowered card like this being priced highly, it does leave many questioning EA's consistency.

This week also saw the release of a 95-rated Maxence Lacroix card, also avaialble via SBC.

Lacroix requires the submission of 2 squads and would cost around 100K.

Despite only being 1 overall rating point lower than Mendy, the difference in price just shows that EA is on the wind-up.

More power to you if you decide to unlock this Ferland Mendy card, but we can't help but look past it being the most ridiculous SBC released in FIFA 22.

What is FUTTIES?

FUTTIES is a regular promo that was first seen in FIFA 15 and has returned nearly every year since.

It is usually the last event of the current FIFA cycle and has a few different aspects to it, all looking at the 'Best Of' and most popular cards from the season gone by.

FUTTIES Weekly Voting will give you the choice to vote for what player gets a boosted Premium FUTTIES item via SBC, while also bringing a base FUTTIES version of the player into your club.

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UNREAL TALENT - The 'Best Of' re-releases will be the highlight of the promo

FUTTIES Favourites will be released each weekend of the campaign, themed around a specific month and popular FUT player from that period, with items coming via SBC and objectives.

There are also the 'Best Of' Re-Releases, where a bunch of the best players from FIFA 22 will be added back to packs, spread across three batches during the campaign.

Finally, there will be the FUTTIES Weekly Cup in the Live FUT Friendlies, with accompanying objectives, which will reward you with Packs and Player Picks.

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