FIFA 22 Title Update 2 Patch Notes: Nerfed defenders available on all consoles

FIFA 22 has been live for nearly a month, and the second update is now available for the game.

Whereas the first addressed the issue of overpowered goalkeepers - its defenders who take centre stage this time.

Latest news - Update #2 available on ALL platforms

Title Update #2 is now available on all consoles as of Tuesday, 26 October, which includes the next-gen consoles PS5 and Xbox Series X|S.

The new update is around 1.4GB, so is far from the biggest patch we have seen in a FIFA game.

Title Update 2 Release Date

Title Update 2 went live on PC and Stadia on Wednesday, 20 October, with the console version following the next week.

Title Update 2 Patch Notes

The following patch notes are taken from the official FIFA forums:

FIFA Ultimate Team

Made the following changes:

  • Penalty Shootout kick order will now be decided by the Penalties Attribute
    • When players share the same Penalties Attribute, the Shot Power and Finishing Attributes will be used to determine the order
  • After completing FUT Champions Finals competition and qualifying for another while the existing competition is still active, the FUT Champions Finals UI will now inform players that they cannot re-qualify for the existing competition
  • When qualifying for FUT Champions Finals, a new post-match screen will display to notify players of the qualification

Addressed the following issues:

  • The win streak UI indicator did not appear after winning two Division Rivals matches in a row. This was a visual issue only
  • On rare occasions, a Division Rivals match could incorrectly start with an inactivity pop up message appearing and staying on the screen.
  • Some kits could clash with the Referee’s kit during matches
  • The FUT Champions Finals progress window did not display a checkmark beside the Rank I indicator after reaching it. This was a visual issue only.

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REFORMED - Relegation has been scrapped for Rivals in FIFA 22
  • When reaching a new Stage in Division Rivals, the post-match screens did not highlight the new Stage. This was a visual issue only.
  • In Squad Battles, the Opponent Select screen displayed a blank space beside the selected opponent’s Rating and Chemistry
  • When achieving a new Rank in Squad Battles, the post-match screen did not display the updated visual indicator for the Rank. This was a visual issue only.
  • When claiming FUT Champions Finals rewards, a pop-up message saying the event has ended would appear over the rewards animation
  • [Stadia only] Matches against the CPU AI did not count towards Stadia’s Games Played counter
  • Background Tifos did not always display correctly
  • Some placeholder visuals were present on the FUT Friendlies screen


Made the following changes:

  • Reduced the effectiveness of AI-controlled players blocking Lobbed Passes and crosses
    • Specifically, AI-controlled players were previously able to stretch too far when attempting to block Lobbed Passes and crosses
  • CPU AI teams are now more likely to commit fouls during matches played on Semi-Pro difficulty and above
    • This change does not apply to matches played with Competitor Mode set to on

Addressed the following issues:

  • [PC only] Addressed some instances of visual stuttering occurring after performing Skill Moves during matches
  • When requesting a Finesse Shot, the ball carrier could sometimes go out of their way to take it with their dominant foot
  • The Outside Foot Shot Trait did not function correctly
  • When two players make contact with the ball at the same time, the ball could sometimes fly unintentionally high into the air
  • When attempting to Shield the ball when taking a touch, the ball carrier could sometimes move erratically

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SILKY - Expect dribblers to take greater control of the ball
  • In a rare situation, a player could disappear from the pitch during a match
  • On rare occasions, the referee could incorrectly call for a free kick inside of the penalty box instead of a penalty kick
  • The Automatic Player Switching setting did not always function correctly
  • In Pro Clubs and Player Career matches, the Set Piece Specialist perk did not function during Free Kicks and Penalty Kicks
  • Goalkeepers could have unintentionally performed a goal kick across the entire pitch
  • When making a tackle inside of the penalty box, the ball could sometimes unintentionally travel towards the defender’s goal
  • When calling a player short on a corner, the called player could sometimes perform unnecessary player humanization gestures
  • When attempting to turn while Sprinting, the ball carrier could sometimes miss a touch on the ball

Career Mode

Made the following changes:

  • Added News scenes for UEFA Europa League and UEFA Champions League draws
  • Adjusted Player Career Player Objective selection logic to account for the difficulty of some Objectives
  • Moved the unavailable player(s) pop up message so that it can appear during the pre-match flow instead of the Career Mode Hub

Addressed the following issues:

  • Youth Academy players could disappear at the start of the second season
  • Sometimes, a player’s Match Form could incorrectly decrease after completing a match that they were subbed in for
  • In a rare situation when coming on as a sub in Player Career, both teams could be positioned in the same half during a kick-off
  • A Youth Player’s potential could incorrectly decrease if they were signed to the senior squad towards the end of a season, with no remaining matches to be played
  • In Player Career, Match Objectives that were too similar could unintentionally appear
  • In Player Career, OVRs could incorrectly display multiple values across different menus
  • Post Match Interview audio could become corrupted when the Disable All Music for Streaming Purposes setting was enabled

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FRESH LOOK - Dynamic Career Mode spots arrived this year
  • Training Drill names could display in incorrect places on the UI
  • The Squad Hub could remain scrollable even when a pop-up message appeared on screen
  • When attempting to retire a player in the Squad Hub, the affected player was the one shown in the preview panel instead of the highlighted player
  • Some international matches did not display on the Calendar
  • The Player Performance screen did not always display 2D headshots
  • In Player Career, the created Pro was unintentionally not being selected for some national team matches
  • A placeholder menu was incorrectly visible when entering Game Settings during a match
  • When Quick Simming a match, yellow and red cards could appear green on the UI


Made the following changes:

  • When searching for a match in VOLTA SQUADS, the Objectives widget is now present on the right-hand side instead of an Avatar’s information.
  • Lengthened the duration of the up and down arrows on the VOLTA ARCADE results screen and moved them to the left, in order to improve clarity.
  • When browsing the Store or customizing an Avatar, the Avatar's entire outfit will be on display instead of the camera zooming in on a specific item of clothing.
  • When completing a VOLTA ARCADE tournament and levelling up the Avatar, the post-tournament screen will now separately display the amount of VOLTA COINS earned through the levelling and the tournament, respectively.
    • As a result, players can now browse through that UI element but will no longer be able to highlight individual Avatars.

Addressed the following issues:

  • The VOLTA ARCADE timer sometimes displayed an inaccurate amount of time. This was a visual issue only
  • The entire lobby could unintentionally disband when the Captain cancelled matchmaking.
  • During matches, controller vibration could unintentionally persist
  • When attempting to matchmake while matchmaking was disabled, players could see an incorrect pop-up message
  • A green arrow indicator could display in an incorrect location on a post-match screen

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ON THE RISE - Volta Squads has seen the street mode receive greater interest this year
  • In VOLTA ARCADE, an incorrect badge could be displayed beside the Avatar’s name.
  • Menu narration did not always function correctly
  • The Welcome To VOLTA ARCADE screen could take a longer than intended amount of time to display
  • The Select Signature Ability screen did not display a headline and general summary
  • The Avatar widget could overlap with other UI elements
  • The Players List pause menu option was missing a visual indicator
  • Store tiles could take longer than intended to appear
  • AI players on both teams had white Player Indicators
  • During goal celebrations, Avatars could incorrectly move through walls

Pro Clubs

Made the following change:

  • Added the option to toggle the appearance of the Player Performance in-game UI
    • This option can be found in the Visual tab of Game Settings when paused during a match
  • Added the option to adjust the Perk activation audio level
    • This option can be found in the Audio tab of Game Settings when paused during a match

Addressed the following issues:

  • Sometimes, menus could run at a slower speed than intended
  • Some players could have seen kits different from the ones selected by the Captain in the pre-match flow
  • The threat indicator could incorrectly move across the pitch
  • The Player Of The Match overlay incorrectly displayed as blank
  • Player names were not aligned correctly on the Club Tactics screen

General, Audio and Visual

Made the following changes:

  • Updated some kits, celebrations, broadcast packages, stadia, 2D player images, pre-match scenes, UI text formatting, UI elements, ad boards, commentary lines, transitions, crowd chants, and anthems
  • Added the ability to perform JUL’s celebration to additional players

Addressed the following issues:

  • Addressed instances of overlapping, incorrect, visually unclear, and placeholder text appearing in some menus
  • Addressed instances of blurry UI elements
  • Addressed a rare stability issue which could occur during matches
  • When attempting to view a main menu EATV video in full screen, the transition effect displayed incorrectly
  • Addressed further instances of player models not being correctly sized when appearing in some parts of the UI
  • EATV videos could automatically play even when the EA SPORTS News Auto-Play option was set to off
  • Some beard options did not display when customizing Avatars, Virtual Pros, and Managers
  • Elements of the main menu background could sometimes appear corrupted
  • Updated the Composure visual indicator found in modes with Skill Trees
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