FIFA 22: Latest squad update punishes LAZY Chelsea striker

The latest FIFA 22 ratings update has been released, with many more players being rewarded with increased stats thanks to their ongoing top performances.

But the update isn't just about praising players, as Chelsea's Romelu Lukaku knows all too well.

He has taken another hit to his stats, as well as a work rate change, which won't do his confidence any good at all.

Romelu Returns

Many people thought the re-signing of Lukaku for Chelsea would prove to be the missing link in their title pursuit.

When Thomas Tuchel took over he worked wonders with the side, winning the Champions League in his first season.

Although they overcame Manchester City in that final to claim the trophy, many thought that in a season-long battle City still had the edge over their title rivals.

The acquisition of Lukaku, after a stellar spell at Serie A winners Inter, led many to believe that Chelsea could now really push City all the way in the Premier League.

However, those dreams have since been shattered, after poor performances from the big man and few goals to speak of.

Ratings Hit

Things looked rosy for Lukaku at the start of FIFA 22, with an increased rating of +2 from his FIFA 21 overall, to 88 OVR.

Then, in October, his first decrease happened.

It was only a small one, with his acceleration dropping from 81 to 78, but it was a sign of things to come for the Belgian.

A couple of injuries drew attention away from the fact he wasn't the superstar forward Chelsea thought they had signed, but then his biggest ratings hit followed in February.

FIFA 22 Romelu Lukaku
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MUST TRY HARDER - Lukaku keeps seeing his attributes fall

With many attacking attributes targeted for a downgrade, his overall fell too.

He is now rated 87 OVR, still nothing to be ashamed of, but he is slipping further away from the true elite of the game.

On Monday, 7 March, another decrease came, for his dribbling, composure, and work rate.

Not only was EA saying he wasn't as good a player as previously thought, but they were also calling out his effort.

A low defensive work rate isn't the worst thing for a forward, but when it has been changed from a medium one you know you're getting called lazy.

Not the Worst Change

Although the work rate change may look bad on the surface, it could actually improve Lukaku as a player in FIFA.

As discussed when we've looked deeper into work rates in the past, you don't always want a high defensive work rate on an attacker.

His low work rate will mean Lukaku is staying higher up the pitch, not tracking back as much, so he will be in a prime position to attack the backline when the opportunity arises.

Maybe this is how he plans to add to his goal tally for the season in real life too?

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