FIFA 22: Latest Update opens up more opportunities to score on next gen

A new FIFA 22 update is coming to next gen consoles PS5 and Xbox Series X as well as Google Stadia to shake up AI defense and more, which could fuel a new meta for scoring.

Here are all the latest details around the FIFA 22 update that was originally touted for all platforms, but is, for now, a next-gen exclusive.

FIFA 22 Live Tuning Update #4

EA has revealed the patch notes for a new FIFA 22 update, Tuning Update #4, and how it will change the game for next-gen players.

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MARK UP: AI has received some defensive changes, so make sure to lead your lines accordingly

Originally announced via the EA Fifa Direct Twitter account, check out the patch notes in full below:

  • Increased the width of defensive lines in situations where the opposing side’s ball carrier is at the edge of the penalty area, or even closer to goal.
  • Increased the separation between defenders when an AI defender shifts their position to cover a potential shooting lane.
  • Reduced how deep AI midfielders can drop back into their own team’s penalty area.

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Originally EA announced Live Tuning Update #4 as being available for PS4, Xbox One, PC, Google Stadia, and next-gen consoles - but a later Tweet gave an update that instead, it would just be going live on next-gen and Stadia.

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LIVE AND DIRECT: Get these new changes into your game now by simply restarting

Throughout the development of FIFA 22, we've seen updates be staggered across different platforms, sometimes meaning patches land up to a week apart based on your platform of choice.

This staggered release may also be the case for Live Tuning Update #4, which could still land on current-gen consoles and PC in the near future - though EA has clarified stating "This LTU was previously incorrectly listed as coming to other versions of FIFA 22 as well," which sounds doubtful.

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