The European Super League could blow FIFA 22 wide open

The footballing world has been shocked by the announcement of the European Super League (ESL).

We take an in-depth look at how the introduction of the ESL would affect FIFA 22.

European Super League announced

12 of Europe’s biggest clubs put their secret plan into motion on Sunday, 18 April with the announcement of The Super League.

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TRUSTED SOURCE: Fabrizio Romano confirms the clubs involved in the European Super League

The controversial plan has stunned football fans across the globe as it presents a huge threat to the history of the game.

While these rebel clubs want to play the new mid-week tournament in tandem with their domestic leagues, that might not be the case.

The Premier League, for example, has the right to expel any club that plays in a competition without their permission.

Will FIFA 22 include the European Super League?

In terms of the new league affecting FIFA, it would likely be a rights issue.

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COVER CONCEPT: Erling Haaland could be the cover star of FIFA 22

If EA agreed on a deal to carry The Super League branding, teams, and so on, it would be added as normal, if they couldn’t, we might have a Serie A situation on our hands.

As we’ve seen in FIFA 21, some Serie A clubs have not had their correct name in-game.

Juventus and AS Roma are examples of this, known as Piemonte Calcio and Roma FC in-game currently.

Would EA want the ESL in FIFA 22?

On top of the rights issues, EA will have to balance the desires of their fans with the ideologies and opinions of FIFA as a governing body.

FIFA has released a statement condemning the idea of a Super League, while urging those involved to sit down for calm, constructive negotiations.

FIFA's clear stance on the ESL means that if EA would like to include the Super League clubs and players in their next football sim, they may have to ditch the name 'FIFA' altogether.

ESL's effect on Ultimate Team

The ESL could have a knock-on effect on Ultimate Team as well if a new league was implemented.

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GAMECHANGER: Chemistry in FUT squads could change forever

A new league would mean that Super League players would probably only link with fellow Super League players.

For example, Adama Traore of Wolves would no longer link to Manchester United's Bruno Fernandes.

As normal, this could probably be balanced with the use of ICONS linking everyone together, but it would certainly present some issues.

ESL's effect on Career Mode

It would also have a significant effect on modes such as Career Mode and Kick-Off.

If these teams actually break away from their domestic leagues, they would likely have to be designated in their own league in FIFA.

Moreover, if EA does not get the rights to the ESL, we may not be able to play with the biggest teams in Europe at all.

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