FIFA 22: Beginner's Guide to Ultimate Team - Team of the Season SUPERSTARS

FIFA 22 may be deep into its season, but that doesn't mean there aren't those that are dipping their toes in for the very first time.

In this series, accumulated over the coming weeks and months, we follow one team, No Clue FC - guided by the RealSport101 team - in their quest to dominate FIFA 22 Ultimate Team.

This week, a foray into FUT Champs sees a new player become the highest rated at No Clue FC.

Beat the Best

Whilst No Clue FC have delved into the world of FUT Champs before, Monday's live stream proved that the level is only getting higher.

With Team of the Season underway in FIFA 22, opposition squads are getting stronger, which means No Clue FC will have to do all they can in order to keep up.

In a bumper 2 hour live stream, No Clue FC fell to 6 defeats, with only 4 wins to their name.

With Team of the Season players up for grabs in the FUT Champs rewards this week, it would be down to the off-stream games to determine whether No Clue FC would be adding another star to their ranks.

Stumbling Over the Line

Things were difficult on stream, and the games didn't game any easier off of it.

With FUT Champs extended, No Clue FC had until Wednesday to get a few more wins and boost their rank.

Thankfully, some much-needed wins were secured, with End of an Era Jermain Defoe showcasing his immortal power and assisting the side to a few wins.

With No Clue FC reaching a decent rank by the end of FUT Champs, it was down to the FIFA 22 Gods to decide which players they would get to choose from.

Much to the delight of the No Clue FC gaffer, Community Team of the Season Hugo Lloris - standing at an impressive 95 OVR - was one of the options to choose from, and you can be sure that the French stopper was swiftly added into the club.

With Lloris in, the squad is looking better than ever, but some much-needed improvements will need to be made if No Clue FC are to ascend to the top of the FIFA 22 mountain.

State of Play

With the arrival of Lloris, No Clue FC is looking better than ever.

However, as mentioned above, there are still some major improvements that need to be made in order to take No Clue FC to the next level in FIFA 22.

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SUPERSTAR SQUAD - No Clue FC is looking better than ever

In order for No Clue FC to level up, they need your help. Get in contact via our social media channels or join us on Monday for the next episode, where squad improvements will be the aim of the game.

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