FIFA 21 VOLTA: 3 New Skills moves to help you dominate the streets

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The latest Pitch Notes for FIFA 21 have gone deep on Volta!

There is plenty new for this year, including some amazing skill moves that will have you embarassing your opposition.


Keep reading to see what they are!


A whole new nutmeg control will allow players to humiliate opponents with a quick flick between their legs!

Volta football

TAKE IT TO THE STREETS: There is no bigger test of skill than Volta

Players can hold L1/LB + R1/RB and then flick RS in the direction you want. Don't over-use it or your opponent will catch on, but if you really want to show off your skill in Volta this is a great way to do it!

Ball flicks

The ability to up the pace of your ball control is a terrific way to catch opposition off guard.

fifa 21 volta flick shot

UP WE GO: Elevating the ball is a good way to get space for a shot

You can do that with a ball flick. A press of R3 will let you flick the ball into the air, a combination of RS + left stick direction will put it in the area you want.

Players with higher skill ratings will pull off rainbows, sombreros, and around the world flicks.

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These moves are amazing for beating defenders and moving up into space. However, they are especially deadly when chained into shots and passes.

Agile dribbling

In the small space of Volta, close control is key. However, its no good if you are slow on the ball. Enter the agile dribble!

If your opponent loves a lunging tackle then use the agile dribble to leave them flailing at air.

fifa 21 volta

NEW CHALLENGES: And new locations await this year!

Hold R1/RB and move the LS to dodge quickly and keep the ball close.

Chaining together with a nutmeg, a flick, and a shot could have you scoring bags of goals against anyone this year!