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FIFA 21 TOTY: It will cost over £30k to assemble the full squad!

The Team of the Year (TOTY) event has taken FIFA 21 Ultimate Team by storm.

Some of us will be lucky and pack these awesome cards, but most of us won't get so fortunate.

Want to cut out the middle man and just buy the players from the Transfer Market? We break down the numbers behind this years XI.

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TOTY 12th Man

Before we get stuck into how much TOTY players cost, one last TOTY player is set to be revealed tonight!

The 12th man will be released today and you can keep up with the latest news as we countdown to the big reveal.


We have worked out the numbers by taking the cost of a Jumbo Rare Gold Players Pack (2,000 coins), and converting it with the best value FIFA Points bundle (12,000 points for £79.99).

We won't bore you with the maths, but essentially it boils down to £1 being equal to roughly 7,500 coins on FUT 21.

PRICEY! Ronaldo is the most valuable card with a direct value of £1,180
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PRICEY! Ronaldo is the most valuable card with a direct value of £1,180

We also factored in the average discard price of these packs too, just for some perspective!

According to fifauteam, the estimated discard price for a Jumbo Rare Gold Players Pack is 14,000 coins.

Now that's out the way, let's have a look a how much each player is worth and the total value of the squad.


Player Prices

Manuel Neuer - 559,000

Trent Alexander-Arnold - 1,100,000

Virgil van Dijk - 2,530,000

Sergio Ramos - 1,950,000

Alphonso Davies - 1,780,000

Kevin de Bruyne - 2,260,000

Bruno Fernandes - 4,190,000

Joshua Kimmich - 2,150,000


Kylian Mbappe - 6,970,000

Robert Lewandowski - 2,880,000

Cristiano Ronaldo - 8,850,000

Team Total - 35,219,000


The total coin value of the TOTY squad is a shade over 35 million as you can see above.

If you could directly convert money into Ultimate Team coins, then the team will cost you a little less than £4,700.

TOP XI! The TOTY players are some of the best cards so far on FUT 21
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TOP XI! The TOTY players are some of the best cards so far on FUT 21

However, things just aren't that simple! As we can't directly convert real money into Ultimate Team coins, we must go through the grind of pack opening.

Judging by the estimates given by fifauteam, it would take 2,446 Jumbo Rare Gold Players Packs (JRP) to accumulate enough coins to assemble the full FIFA 21 TOTY XI, and that is before the 12th man!

The monetary value of 2,446 JRPs equates to £32,528.66. Hefty.

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