FIFA 21 Season 3: Level 30 Player Picks - Who to Pick, Player Reviews, Required XP & more

Season 3 of Ultimate Team has arrived, and it's brought some fantastic content with it!

There are some great player picks at Level 15, but how about the top-rated, Level 30 bunch?

Level 30 Player Picks

There are three players to choose from should you reach the final level of the Season 3 progress.

Two forwards and one defender are the options, but who are they? And who should you pick?

Christian Pulisic (87 OVR)

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The first option for you to consider is Chelsea's American winger, Christian Pulisic.

The left winger has seen a jump from 81 to 87 OVR on this new card, which we feel will be very popular indeed.

92-rated pace and 90-rated dribbling are the standout stats for the Chelsea man, with 83-rated shooting and 80-rated passing making up those attacking stats.

4*/4* is decent, whilst M/M work rates are a little defensive for our liking.

A good card for sure, but nothing to write home about.

RealSport Rating: 4/5

Alassane Plea (OVR 86)

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The second option, and arguably the best, it French forward Alassane Plea.

The Monchengladbach man was unfortunate to miss out on a place in the TOTGS, but this card certainly makes up for it.

88-rated shooting is the standout stat, which includes 90-rated finishing and 89-rated shot power, whilst 86 dribbling and 85 pace means that Plea should be equally good running at defenders.

4*/4* and M/H WR are perfect for an out and out striker, with the league and nation combination another big plus for prospective owners.

We'd say he edges Pulisic in terms of best choice.

RealSport Rating: 4.5/5

Emerson (OVR 85)

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The final option for you to consider is yet another special right back, Real Betis' Emerson.

It's actually a very good card, with all but one of Emerson's six base stats 80+ rated, including his lightning-fast 92-rated pace.

3*/3* are good enough for a fullback, whilst M/H WR are good for those who want their fullbacks bombing forward on the overlap.

Our issue here is that it is another special fullback that is largely irrelevant at this point. We've had plenty so far through Objectives and SBCs, and we just don't need another.

RealSport Rating: 3.5/5

Who to Pick

It's not as straightforward as the Level 15 pick, but we'd go for Alassane Plea.

None of the three options are bad though and, with all three playing in one of the big five leagues, expect to see plenty of all three out on Division Rivals.

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