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FIFA 21 Season 3: Level 15 Player Picks - Who to Pick, Player Review, Required XP & more

Season 3 of FIFA Ultimate Team has begun!

As always there is plenty of content to get stuck into, with a whole host of rewards including packs, tifos, badges & more.

But in terms of the player picks, which of the Level 15 options should you choose?

Season 3 Level 15 Player Picks

As always, there are three cards for you to choose from, with EA opting for one CM, one RM and one ST for the third season of FIFA 21.

But who is available? And more importantly, who should you choose?

Alfred Duncan (OVR 83)

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The first player up for grabs is Fiorentina's Ghanaian midfielder, Alfred Duncan.

Now we won't beat around the bush here, this card is insane!

86 defending and 84 physicality are perfect for a defensive-minded centre mid and, with 83 pace, 82 passing and 82 dribbling to complement those defensive stats, there's no reason that you couldn't play Duncan in a more attacking role.

His 75-rated shooting is comprised of 99-rated shot power and 93-rated long shots, so don't be afraid to take a pop from deep.

We really have no grounds to complain with this card whatsoever.

RealSport Rating: 5/5

Sada Thioub

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The second option for you to consider is Angers wideman, Sada Thioub.

We've seen plenty of impressive wingers in Ligue 1 so far this year, with Thioub the latest name on the list.

92-rated pace heads the way in terms of stats, with 85-rated dribbling and 83-rated shooting following suit.

It's a decent card, 4*/4* is nice, but it's nothing special. Not one that we'd recommend going for unless you have a Ligue 1 side.

RealSport Rating: 3/5

Cedric Bakambu

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The third and final option for you to consider is CSL forward, Cedric Bakambu.

In terms of a super sub option, Bakambu is probably your best bet, but considering he's from the CSL, that's probably all he'll be.

93-rated pace, 84-rated shooting and 82-rated dribbling are the standout stats for Bakambu, who also possesses 4*/3* and M/M WR.

He's not bad, but not amazing either.

RealSport Rating: 4/5

Who to Pick

It's a no brainer in our eyes.

Alfred Duncan is unquestionably the standout player in this group of Level 15 Player Picks.

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