Renato Sanches brings all-round play in latest FUT Birthday SBC

FIFA 21's FUT Birthday promo continues, with Renato Sanches the latest SBC item to feature in FIFA 21 Ultimate Team.

Renato Sanches Start Date & Expiry Date

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ON THE RISE - Renato Sanches is back to his best at Lille

The Renato Sanches 87 SBC item arrived on Saturday, 3 April at 1pm ET / 6pm BST.

It will run until Thursday, 6 April at 1pm ET / 6pm BST.

SBC Requirements

You'll need no less than three squads to unlock this Renato Sanches item.

Bayern Munchen

  • Min. 1 Player from Bayern Munich
  • Min. Team Rating: 85
  • MIn. Team Chemistry: 70

Reward: x1 Prime Electrum Players Pack


  • Min. 1 Player from Bundesliga
  • Min. 1 Player: Team of the Week
  • Min. Team Rating: 86
  • Min. Team Chemistry: 65

Reward: x1 Gold Players Premium Pack

National Duty

  • Min. 1 Player from Portugal
  • Min. Team Rating: 87
  • Min. Team Chemistry: 80

Reward: x1 Rare Electrum Player Pack

Group Reward: x1 FUT Birthday Renato Sanches (Untradeable)


Here are the three solutions to the SBC challenges, as found on FUTBIN.

Bayern Munchen

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DOUBLE TROUBLE - This squad goes the extra mile with two Bayern players

Price: 161,950 coins PS4 / 161,800 Xbox One


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OUTTA CONTROL - Bundesliga representative Gulacsi has to do the job at right back

Price: 254,850 coins PS4 / 233,550 coins Xbox One

National Duty

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ADIOS AGUERO - Departing Man City striker Sergio Aguero features in this side

Price: 310,300 coins PS4 / 281,100 coins Xbox One

The total price for three challenges comes in at around 727,000 coins on PS4 and 676,000 coins on Xbox One.

Renato Sanches FUT Birthday SBC Review

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THROUGH THE NOSE - Renato could be a tough expensive for most

There's no denying that this Renato Sanches item is a top quality card, with all FUT stats rated at least 83.

Of course, this is a FUT Birthday item, with his weak foot ability upgrades to five-stars.

You are most likely to play Renato as a defensive midfielder or on the side of a midfield diamond (in a 4-1-2-1-2 narrow), with 85 defensive awareness and 85 standing tackle.

As much as it's a brilliant card - forking out around 700,000 coins does seem steep - if you've got some SBC fodder and can bring him in for under 500,000 - but only do so if you can link him.

With Ligue 1 player popular due to the likes of Kylian Mbappe and Neymar, Sanches could be the perfect midfield backbone you are missing.

Alternative options

The most likely comparison is Eduardo Camavinga's 91 Future Stars item, which is still going on the market for around a million coins on both PS4 and Xbox.

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VA VA VOOM - Eduardo Camavinga's What If item is too expensive for most

The Frenchman offers greater linking and has now stats lower than 84 (shooting) so if you can't afford Sanches, it's unlikely you will be able to bring the Stade Rennais man in.

A much more sensible bet could be Nice's Pierre Lees-Melou, with his 88 What If item costing just 74,000 coins on PS5 and 70,000 on Xbox One.

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BARGAIN - Lees-Melou can be picked up for a fantastic price

His defensive stat may be a touch weak at 81, but with a shadow - he's likely to do the job until you can afford Sanches or wait for Camavinga's price to come down after Team of the Season.

If you've got a Portuguese side on the go and missed out on the Ruben Neves league SBC - you're really struggling for options - so it may be worth breaking the bank for Sanches.

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