FIFA 21: Football Legend Ian Holloway offering Career Mode advice to gamers

It's been a couple of weeks since FIFA 21 launched and, despite some EA server issues, gamers have been relatively pleased with the new game.

However, with Career Mode seeing a ton of new features, some of you might be struggling with your offline campaigns.

Well, fear not, as legendary football manager Ian Holloway has teamed up with Argos to offer one-to-one team talks to some lucky gamers.

Ian Holloways offering one-to-one FIFA 21 coaching

That's right, as part of Argos' ongoing FIFA 21 campaign they've launched a new competition in which you Ian Holloway will be giving his top management tips to help you improve on FIFA 21 Career Mode.

The competition launched with a rather comedic video which sees ex-Premier League manager video calling a FIFA 21 player to offer some rather confusing advice...

Check out the video below:

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Hopefully, you'll receive slightly clearer instructions from Holloway than the video suggests.

However, no one can blame him for the classic working from home attire of business on the top half, extremely casual on the bottom...

Holloway on his involvement with the Competition

Holloway went on BeanymanNews' YouTube channel to chat about his involvement in the competition, discussing his admiration for the game

"For me, it's a wonderful, wonderful thing because if you love football and you like video games, then you're not just playing it, [...] you're doing everything that a manager would do."

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SMART CASUAL: Holloway expressed the sentiments of the Nation in the promotional video

On his involvement with Argos' competition, Holloway said: "the chance to help Argis sell it is incredible and then to get involved with me doing team talks with people is really great".

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You can have a watch of the full YouTube video below to see what else Holloway had to say:

How to enter the Competition

If you're feeling lucky and want to score a team talk from Ian Holloway there are a few conditions.

Firstly, you have to buy your copy of FIFA 21 from Argos before 23:59 on Tuesday 27 October 2020.

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LEARN FROM THE BEST: This competition offers a once in a lifetime opportunity

Once you've done that, you can head to the official competition entry page here to enter your details.

Argos has stated that winners will have to show proof of purchase to get their exclusive one-to-one talk with the football legend.

If you've already purchased FIFA 21 from Argos, then you're also eligible for the competition.

Good luck!

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