FIFA 21 Glitch: Dominate FUT Weekend League with new speed boost hack

Just like any new game, FIFA 21 has had teething issues, with EA announcing that the Weekend League has been delayed!

However, some of these teething issues can be used to players' advantage, otherwise known as a glitch or hack.

In fact, YouTuber, MattHDGamer, has discovered such a glitch which will leave your FUT opponents bemused as you speed past them. Keep reading to find out more.

Overpowered Speed Boost

That's right, MattHDGamer has discovered a speed boost glitch that will help your pacey players hit top speed in an instant, leaving any defenders in their wake.

The best thing about this glitch? It's super easy to do!

fifa 21 sterling gameplay
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CATCH ME IF YOU CAN: Leave defenders in your wake with this speed boost

All you have to do is hold L1/LB and dribble using the left stick, then let go of L1/LB and instantly hold R2/RT to sprint.

Check out just how effective this new speed boost can be in MattHDGamer's video below:

Best players to use with speed boost

MattHDGamer goes on to give his recommendations for the best players to use with this speed boost, pointing out that players with high agility and balance work best.

Messi FIFA 21
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G.O.A.T: Messi's 95 balance, 91 agility and 91 acceleration make him ideal for this boost

He recommends the likes of Riyad Mahrez (92 Agility), Bernardo Silva (94 Agility), Saint-Maximin (Agility 93), Papu Gomez (93 Agility), Sadio Mane (93 Agility) and none other than Lionel Messi (95 Balance).

Bernard fifa 21 base card
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BARGAIN BUY: Everton's Bernard offer a more afforable option to utilise this trick

If these guys are a little out of your price range, MattHDGamer recommends Everton's Bernard as a more affordable option.

Where to use the speed boost?

Well, MattHDGamer says that because of the effectiveness of this boost. You can use it just about anywhere on the pitch.

If you look at the screenshot below, MattHDGamer highlights a scenario in which his player looks to have two defenders crowding him. Thanks to the speed boost, he split the defence apart and continues his threatening attack.

fifa 21 speed boost glitch
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TRICKY CUSTOMER: Defenders have a hard time stopping an attacker using the speed boost

FIFA Coach and Top 100 player, Viperlization, also has his say on the new boost recommending that players use it down the wing or when cutting inside and that the skill can lead to some deadly counter attacks.

EA release Title Updates fairly regularly for their FIFA games, so you might want to make the most of this glitch now, in case EA decide to patch it!

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