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12 Feb 2021

CM Curtis Jones is the ONLY Player Pick you should consider

Curtis Jones has joined the Future Stars setup via this limited-time Player Pick SBC.

He doesn't come cheap, but if you are going to complete him, there's only one option you should be considering.

CM Curtis Jones

We're not going to waste time discussing the LM version of Jones, he's not bad, but he's nothing special.

BALLER - The Liverpool youngster has a serious future ahead of him
BALLER - The Liverpool youngster has a serious future ahead of him

This centre midfield card, on the other hand, is a MUST for anyone with a Premier League side.

Here's why.


Jones is coming in at between 400-450k if you went out and completed the SBC from scratch.

However, with the right fodder, you could complete this much cheaper.

It may seem like a lot to shell out for an untradeable card, and it is, but he's worth it and we'll tell you why.

ICON Stats

He's not an ICON himself, but he may as well be when you look at Jones' stats/

Every single one of Jones' base stats is in the 80's, with 89-rated passing and 96 physicality heading the way.

GULLIT? - We'd forgive you for mistaking Jones for Gullit
GULLIT? - We'd forgive you for mistaking Jones for Gullit

He also possesses 4*/4* and H/H work rates, which, for a box-to-box midfielder, is absolutely perfect.


The other great thing about this card is that he is English and he plays in the Premier League.

This means that not only can you link him to anyone in the English top-flight, but you can also have him linked up with some great English cards from outside of the Premier League.

THREE LIONS - Jones will be providing those English links

The likes of End of an Era Wayne Rooney, Record Breaker Jadon Sancho and Headliners James Tavernier come to mind.

And if you completed the ShowDown James Milner SBC, you've just bagged yourself the greatest midfield combination since Xavi and Iniesta


The verdict is simple, Curtis Jones is incredible, and you should go out and complete his SBC before it's too late.

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