13 Feb 2021 12:30 AM +00:00 UTC

FIFA 21 Future Stars: Curtis Jones Player Pick SBC

Future Stars Team 2 is here!

The likes of Ansu Fati, Ruben Dias and Reece James head the way for the next generation of youngsters in FIFA 21.

Liverpool starlet Curtis Jones is available via a limited-time SBC, the details of which can be found below.

Player Pick Curtis Jones

You've got a choice to make, do you want Curtis Jones playing through the middle, or out wide?

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DECISIONS - Will you opt for the wide version of the Liverpool starlet?

Here is all the information you need to know in order to help you make your pick.

Start & Expiry Date

  • Start Date: Friday, February 12 - 6pm GMT
  • Expiry Date: Friday, February 26 - 6pm GMT

Requirements & Rewards

No matter if it's the CM or the LM version that you're after, the requirements remain the same.

EA is asking for three squads, for which you will be asked to submit the following:


  • Liverpool Players: Minimum One
  • Team Rating: Minimum 83
  • Team Chemistry: Minimum 80
  • Reward: One Jumbo Premium Gold Pack


  • English Players: Minimum One
  • Team Rating: Minimum 85
  • Team Chemistry: Minimum 70
  • Reward: One Prime Electrum Players Pack

Premier League

  • Premier League Players: Minimum One
  • Team Rating: Minimum 86
  • Team Chemistry: Minimum 65
  • Reward: One Rare Mixed Players Pack

Estimated Costs

At the time of writing, the estimated costs for this SBC are as follows:

  • PlayStation: 435k
  • Xbox: 400k

Player Review

We'll be honest, there's only one card you should be considering here and it's not the LM one.

Whilst 90-rated pace and 90-rated dribbling may seem tempting for an English LM, of which he would undoubtedly be the best, the value in this SBC lies with the centre midfield version of the Liverpool youngster.

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CM - There's no debate, CM is the way forward

80+ ratings in all six base stats combined with 4*/4* and H/H work-rates means that CM Jones would make the perfect box to box midfielder for any Premier League side.

You may wince at the price, but if we're being realistic, the centre midfield version of Curtis Jones could easily be mistaken for an ICON by his base stats alone/

The fact he is English and plays in the Premier League means that this is a very good value SBC.