FIFA 21: Best Right Backs Under 10,000 Coins in Ultimate Team

With the FIFA 21 global release arriving tomorrow, Friday October 9th, it’s time to start thinking about who you’ll be getting in your FIFA 21 Ultimate Team starter squads!

With coins somewhat limited in the beginning, it’s important to get in as many cheap beasts as possible, to give yourself the best chance of success in your early games, especially Division Rivals Placements.

Here are our picks for the top Right-Backs to use in FUT 21 in your starter teams that are less than 10,000 coins early on!

Best Attributes for RBs in FUT 21

Let’s take a look at some of the important attributes you’ll need to consider when selecting a full back for your team in FUT 21.

Naturally, in wide areas you’ll want to be selecting players with relatively high Pace early on. Being able to keep up with the fast wingers that people will select early on will be vital in keeping clean sheets.

Obviously, Defending and Physical will also play a part in allowing you to muscle out attackers and win the ball back, so you’ll want to consider this as well.

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Jesus Navas - 84

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Navas looks perfect with his new RB card

First up in our list, we have the newly position changed Jesus Navas. Now set as a RB with 87 Pace and 80 Defending, he looks very well set for that role in a La Liga team. While he only has 58 Physical, given his lower strength, his defensive abilities will more than make up for this.

At under 9,000 coins across all platforms, he looks like great value considering the lack of RB options in La Liga this year.

Ander Capa - 81

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88 Physical, yes please!

From one Spanish RB to another, we have Ander Capa, who offers far more in the Physical department than Navas, at the expense of some pace and defence stats. His Physicals are very desirable though, with 93 Stamina, 86 Strength and 86 Aggression.

Being under 2,000 coins, we can’t deny his value for La Liga teams.

Nordi Mukiele - 80

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Mukiele can play either CB or RB

Moving to the Bundesliga, we have Nordi Mukiele, who quite possibly looks better suited as a beast of a CB, despite being set as a RB. Standing at 6’2” with 83 Pace, 80 Defending and 77 Physical, he’ll be able to do an incredible job in both central or wide defensive roles.

At 4,500 coins roughly across the platforms, Mukiele looks like a brilliant cheap pickup for a French or Bundesliga team. 

Youcef Atal - 79

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Atal is Ligue 1's number 1 RB

Over to Ligue 1 we go, with Youcef Atal’s very nice attacking full back item. As well as 91 Pace, Atal offers 4* Skills and 5* Weak Foot, meaning if you’re looking for a more offensive full back, he’s a perfect option.

Priced at under 3,000 coins across all 3 consoles, if you’re running a Ligue 1 team, Atal is a number one pick.

Bruno Peres - 77 

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Need a Brazil RB? Peres is your man.

Brazilian RBs are somewhat limited this year, as are Serie A RBs. Enter Bruno Peres, who with 88 Pace can be a usable option. Be careful though, as with only 70 Defending he may struggle to defend those tricky wingers. Nevertheless, a passable option.

Bruno Peres will set you back only around 3,500 coins currently on the FUT market.

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