FIFA 20: What has happened to the rarest card on Ultimate Team?

The most lucrative silver card on FIFA 19 Cristiano da Silva is no longer as rare as he once was back on FIFA 18.

Cristiano has stats which are beyond the capabilities of almost every silver card in the game. 

The J-League striker boasts 89 pace, 91 strength and 84 shot power in standard form. He is most effective playing as a striker in a 4-3-3 with any variation. His strength allows for good hold-up play, and he can be unlisted alongside other blisteringly fast Brazilian wingers such as Lucas Moura and Douglas Costa. 

Combining his pace with 4 star skill moves will allow you to leave your opponents in the dirt after a cheeky rainbow flick.

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How much is he now?

Cristiano was famously the rarest silver card in FIFA 18 Ultimate Team – commanding more than 70,000 coins at his peak.

Although his price is no longer sky high, he still has a unique set of in-game stats. In standard form, he boasts a four-star weak foot and three-star skill moves.

He is no longer extinct and can be bought within his price ranges. However, PC players will have to pay out a steep 25,000 coins for this Brazilian gem if they want to use him for their Ultimate Team 

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Fortunately, you can now use him alongside some good players to make fascinating hybrid squads. The new End Of An Era Fernando Torres (OVR 95) is an amazing card he can link with and will surely do damage to an oppositions defence.

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What about on FIFA 20?

Cristiano is still at Japanese side Kashiwa Reysol and is all set to reappear on FIFA 20, but his rating could take a hit, however. The Brazilian has only notched four goals so far this season in all competitors, and aged 32, those stats could start to drop - especially his 88 pace. 

A rating closer to the 70 mark looks in order, and this may be the end of the generation with two destructive Cristianos on FIFA. 

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