FIFA 20 Ultimate Team: How to get all the new FIFA Global Series kits

Let's be honest - all those hours of thumb cramp, sweat and tears on FUT means nothing if your super squad doesn't look good while winning. Well FIFA fans will be happy to hear that all the new FIFA 20 Global Series (FGS) kits are launching tomorrow!

Keep reading to find out how to get all 21 FGS Ultimate Team kits in FIFA 20.

How to get the kits

The special edition FGS kits will be available as of Friday (8th November). All you have to do to redeem every ingle kit is watch the FUT Champions Cup Stage which is running from the 8th-10th November.

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WIN IN STYLE: All 21 of the new FGS kits available out tomorrow

So, link your EA and Twitch accounts, sign in, watch the stream and get ready to receive your brand new FGS kits.

If you don't know who to link your EA and Twitch accounts, found out more here.

Play like Hashtag United

Included in the new FGS kits launch are our good friends Hashtag United!

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You may be able to look like Hashtag United on FUT, but if you also want to play like them then check out the articles the Hashtag lads have written for us here at RealSport!

After Hashtag Shawrey outlined his 10 top tips, Hashtag Tom focused on the best two formations to use on FIFA 20, before Hashtag Shawrey returned with a tutorial on defending.

NOW WATCH BELOW: Hashtag Harry takes on the RealSport team in the hardest FIFA 20 Challenge you’ll see!

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