FIFA 20 Shapeshifters Marcos Acuña Objective Card: List of Objectives, Upgrades and Analysis

Marcos Acuna’s Shapeshifters Objective Card has been released as a Season Objective in FIFA 20 Ultimate Team.

If you complete gameplay objectives you can obtain his new 87 rated Shapeshifters card.

Acuña Objectives

Marcos Acuna's Shapeshifter FUT card
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Here are all the Objectives you’ll need to complete in order to obtain Marcos Acuna’s 87 rated Shapeshifter card.

World Class Composure: Score a Finesse Goal using Argentinian players in 3 separate Rivals or Squad Battles (min. World Class difficulty) matches.Reward: Shapeshifter Acuna Loan (7 Matches) & 200XP

Driven to Score: Score a Low Driven goal in 2 separate Rivals matches using Liga NOS Players.Reward: 200XP & Two Players Pack

Midfield Maverick: Assist 2 goals using midfielders in 2 separate wins in Rivals or Squad Battles (min. World Class difficulty).Reward: 200XP & Gold Pack

Eye for Assists: Assist a goal with a Through Ball in 3 separate Rivals wins.Reward: 200XP & Small Electrum Players Pack

Complete CM: Score in 10 separate Rivals wins using Argentinian players.

Reward: 200XP & Electrum Players Pack.

OVERALL GROUP REWARD: 87 Shapeshifter Acuna

Acuña In-Game Stats & Player Analysis

Acuna's in-game stats in FIFA 20 Ultimate Team
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Acuna is quite simply one of the best all round CMs you can find in FUT, with every single card stat over 80, and only 5 in-game stats under the 80 mark.

Starting off with his passing, his 90 Vision and 95 Curve are outstanding, however something could be done to improve his 85 Short Passing and 83 Long Passing.

Defensively, he has everything you’ll need, with 84 Interceptions, 86 Defensive Awareness, 88 Standing Tackling and solid physical stats.

Going forward he can also do a solid job for your side, with 4* Skill Moves, 93 Shot Power, 94 Long Shots, and some solid Dribbling stats.

For a chemistry style, I’d likely be looking to play either a Backbone or Maestro on him, depending on whether you’d prefer Acuna to be a more defensive or attacking CM.

Acuña Squad Links

Acuna's chemistry in FIFA 20 Ultimate Team
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Being in the Liga NOS, there aren’t a tonne of options you can really utilise to get Acuna on chemistry.

Fellow Sporting CP players 84 Battaglia and pre-transfer 87 Bruno Fernandes look to be the best options, with some easy links to Argentinians being available, Headliner 87 Tagliafico being an option.

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