FIFA 20 Shapeshifters Marc Bartra Objective Card: List of Objectives, Upgrades and Analysis

Marc Bartra’s ST Shapeshifters Objective Card has been released as a Season Objective in FIFA 20 Ultimate Team, allowing players to complete gameplay objectives to obtain his new 87 rated Shapeshifters card.

Bartra Objectives

Bartra Card
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Here are all the Objectives you’ll need to complete in order to obtain Marc Bartra’s 87 rated Shapeshifter card.

Spanish Scorer: Score 2 goals using Spanish players in 2 separate Rivals or Squad Battles (min. Semi-Pro difficulty) matches.Reward: Shapeshifter Bartra Loan (7 Matches) & 200XP

Cheeky Chip: Score a Chip Shot using La Liga players in 2 separate Rivals or Squad Battles (min. Professional difficulty) matches.Reward: 200XP & Two Players Pack

Forward Freedom: Assist 2 goals using La Liga forward in 2 separate Rivals or Squad Battles (min. Professional difficulty) wins.Reward: 200XP & Gold Pack Pack

Attacking Intention: Score using La Liga players and Assist using Bundesliga players in 3 separate Rivals or Squad Battles (min. Professional Difficulty) wins.Reward: 200XP & Small Electrum Players Pack

Striking Gold: Score in 8 separate Rivals wins using Spanish players.Reward: 200XP & CF>CAM

OVERALL GROUP REWARD: 87 Shapeshifter Bartra.

Bartra In-Game Stats & Player Analysis

Bartra In Game Stats
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While it’s an interesting position change, there are question marks about his ability to play the striker role.

First of all, only having 3* Skills and 3* Weak Foot is a big issue playing in an attacking role, as it’ll make him very predictable, always going onto his stronger right foot.

Furthermore, with only 80 Finishing, issues will begin to arise regarding his ability in front of goal, so I’d avoid playing him there if possible.

If you’re looking to play Bartra anywhere, I’d be looking at CDM personally, as he has decent defensive stats, with 84 Interceptions, 83 Standing Tackling and 82 Sliding Tackling, as well as good physical stats with 99 Jumping, 84 Strength and 92 Aggression.

His passing and dribbling are up to standard, with 95 Reactions, 86 Short Passing and 85 Long Passing, so would be able to play the role well, and could even get forward and contribute with goals from range with 99 Shot Power and 99 Long Shots.

Bartra Squad Links

Bartra Links
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Being a Spaniard in La Liga, there are a number of options you can use as strong links to get Bartra into your squad. 

If you’re looking for midfield options, you have a perfect link in 87 Canales, with other Betis midfielder 86 Carvalho providing a decent option. Out wide, Headliner 88 Moreno is a useful link. 

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