FIFA Mobile: Manager Mode arrives in BRAND NEW Update

The hype around FIFA 23 is gathering momentum, but that hasn't stopped EA from giving some much-needed TLC to FIFA Mobile.

A brand new update has arrived for the game, bringing a host of changes and a brand new game mode.

Check below for everything you need to know about the latest FIFA Mobile Update.

Manager Mode arrives

After months of fans calling out for this feature, Manager Mode has finally arrived on FIFA Mobile.

Manager Mode is a fully autoplayed mode, giving players full command of the team’s tactics and strategies, putting players in charge of dozens of different tactical levers.

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POWER IN YOUR POCKET - Manager Mode has arrived on FIFA Mobile

Playing out much like Football Manager's handheld version, Manager Mode on FIFA Mobile promises to bring some of the joys of Career Mode to your device.

Manager Mode will have 4 preset tactics including Attacking, Control, Counter, and Defensive. Choosing your tactics will depend on your team’s strengths and weaknesses, but also your opponent and the game situation.

Further Improvements

It isn't just Manager Mode that has arrived in the latest FIFA Mobile update, we've also seen a host of gameplay improvements land.

New player switching options, improved goalkeepers and a weak foot error have all been fixed in the latest update.

Also new within the latest update is the arrival of national team kits, with over 30 Kits, Logos, and Crests included for a more rounded playing experience.

The latest update is now available on iOS and Android and you can read the full pitch notes by clicking here.

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