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FIFA 21: Weak Foot or Skill Moves - Which is more important?

In a perfect FIFA world, every player would have 5* skills and a 5* weak foot.

Unfortunately though, that is just not realistic.

But the question is, which of the two is more important in the current meta of FIFA 21? A strong weak foot or strong skill moves?

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Position is key

The first thing to consider is where on the pitch the player is playing.

For instance, if you're looking at a centre back, then 5* skills are going to be virtually pointless as you just won't use them. A 5* weak foot would be ideal in terms of starting those attacks from the back.

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BALLER! Ousmane Dembele has 5* skills and a 5* weak foot!

However if you're looking at a winger who's going to be taking on their opposite number, then you're more likely to sway towards the skills, given that the majority of their crossing is going to be done with their strong foot.


Skill Moves

As we've mentioned there, your skill moves are far more important to your attackers than they are your defenders.

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In our experience, the best area to have good skill moves is out wide. Your LM/RM or your LW/RW are likely to be the players that see the most 1v1 opportunities where skill moves will help you beat your man.

Mahrez FIFA 21
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SKILLS! Riyad Mahrez has 5* skills and 4* WF

That being said, skill moves are only effective if you really know how to use them. There is absolutely no point in just spinning your joystick willy nilly in the hope that you stumble across a worthwhile skill move.

Nine times out of ten you're going to look a fool and lose possession. Nobody wants that!


Weak Foot

For us, this is the area which is far more important.

A 5* weak foot will benefit pretty much each and every player on the pitch, none more so than your central midfielders.

Kevin De Bruyne FIFA 21
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KDB! The Man City man has a monster 5* weak foot!

The ability to play a pass to either your left or your right without the fear of worrying about a below par weak foot will help you to attack with ease. A 5* weak foot on your CAM will take your assist tally up no end.


Have your say

The debate has been pitched over on Twitter by esports fanatic Brandon Smith.

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The FIFA commentator has asked his followers to vote on which they are prioritising this year and, contrary to our views, skills are taking the lead at the moment.

5* WF / 5* Skills
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Head to his official Twitter account to vote now.

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