FIFA 21 Ultimate Team: Ligue 1 POTM SBC Ibrahima Niane - Requirements, Rewards, Expiry Date, Player Review & more

The POTM SBC's just keep coming!

It's the turn of the French top flight, with FC Metz talisman Ibrahima Niane taking the accolades.

Here is how to get the Senegalese striker in your side today.

POTM Ibrahima Niane Information

There's plenty of information for you to take in.

Let's run you through it.

Start & Expiry Date

Start Date - Thursday, October 22 - 6pm UK

Expiry Date - Sunday, November 22 - 6pm UK


EA are asking for just one squad in return for the first Ligue 1 POTM of FIFA 21.

Here are the requirements

  • Ligue 1 Uber Eats Players - Minimum One
  • Team of the Week Players - Minimum One
  • Team Rating - Minimum 84
  • Team Chemistry - Minimum 60

Player Review

He's the first Ligue 1 POTM of FIFA 21, but is he worth the asking price?

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Niane is lightning fast. His 92-rated pace consists of 95 acceleration and 89 sprint speed, so you don't need to worry about him getting in behind.

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Although his finishing isn't the best. His 84-rated shooting features a monstrous 94-rated shot power, but just 82 finishing. It's not the end of the world, but it's certainly not great either.

3*/3* also isn't ideal, but a high attacking work rate paired with a low defensive work rate is perfect for those playing him as a lone striker.

Worth it?

The SBC will cost you between 30k-40k to complete if you're buying it from scratch.

Whilst this Niane card won't be in many teams come the turn of the year, he's one of the better options out there currently.

As a short team striker he'll do a job, and at under 50k, it's a reasonable price.

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