FIFA 21 Rulebreakers: Confirmed, Clues, Players, Predictions, Reveal & more

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FIFA 21’s Halloween promo has been confirmed, with Rulebreakers on its way to Ultimate Team.

Check out the reveal below.

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As we suspected, the Halloween promo will be called Rulebreakers this year.

FIFA 21 Ultimate Scream FUT 21 Ressurrections
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CRYPTIC! EA showed us this clue yesterday

Whether this changes the way the promo works we will have to wait and see.


What we do know is that there will be plenty of new SBCs and Objectives to get stuck into.

Reveal Date

It is confirmed that Rulebreakers will drop tomorrow, Friday, 23 October!

We can’t wait to get started on this year’s Halloween promo.

Clued Up

EA has dropped a massive clue as to who will be involved.

Instinct says that a Napoli centre-forward (CF), surely it will be Belgium star Dries Mertens!

FIFA 21 RuleBreakers EA Promo
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However, that Dribbling stat would be a significant decrease, so who could it be?

It looks like we are in for some position changes this Halloween.

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