FIFA 21 Scripting: Urban myth created by terrible players?

Scripting has always been a controversial topic in the FIFA Community, although EA has always denied its existence.

Let’s take a closer look.

What is Scripting?

Scripting is effectively a line of coding that FIFA fans believe exists in FIFA 21 to maintain balance within a game.

Race into an early lead? The game may just make thing tougher for you in certain situations.

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BATTLE HARD! Sometimes little facets of the game appear to go against you

Little 50/50 challenges will stop going your way or your lethal striker may fluff his lines. You get the picture.

However, EA has always denied scripting as being part of FIFA, so is it just an excuse for poor play?

Urban myth

With no concrete evidence to confirm the existence of scripting within the game, could it be that ‘scripting’ is used as an excuse for poor play rather than the game being against you?

We have all been on the wrong end of matches you feel you should have won. Dominated possession, loads of shots, but still lose 1-0. Sounds familiar right.

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BAD LOSERS! There are always a few bad losers on FIFA

“SCRIPTING” come the cries, but could it just be wasteful play in front of goal, or just sheer bad luck.

These things happen in the world of football and FIFA, so maybe we should just make peace with it all.

Does it exist?

This is not to say that scripting is definitely not in the game, it may well exist.

However, the sheer volume of videos we see blaming it for countless missed chances, tackles and the rest are tiresome.

Examples at 0-0, why would scripting be at play then? Goal mouth scrambles where the ball keeps dropping back to the forward, maybe the other player feels like the ball just won’t go in.

There are two sides to every coin, so why can’t we just accept the fact we may be having an off-day or are having some bad luck.

Or maybe we just aren’t as good as we thought.

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