FIFA 21 ICONs: David Beckham to join the ICON 100? - Prediction, Rating Positions & more

ICONs are the cream of the crop in terms of Ultimate Team cards.

We've already had 100 of them in FIFA 21, but could we be set to see another added soon?

ICON David Beckham

David Beckham enjoyed quite the illustrious career - playing for the likes of Real Madrid and Manchester United - before hanging up his boots and starting his own MLS franchise.

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ICON 100! Could the ICON 100 become the ICON 101?

The Englishman has featured in rival title Pro Evolution Soccer since retiring, but could he be set to make his FIFA debut in the coming weeks.


Should Beckham find his way over to FIFA 21, then there will be three versions of Becks in the game to begin with.

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Here is how we see his potential ICON ratings shaping up.

Base Beckham (87 OVR)

In terms of Beckhams base rating, we imagine he will be around an 87 OVR.

This card would be centred around the latter stages of Becks' footballing career, his Los Angeles Lakers and PSG days, where he lost a yard of pace and made the switch from the wing to a more central role.

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His passing would undoubtedly be his best stat, we imagine around 89-90 OVR, with 83-rated dribbling and a 81-rated shot.

Mid Beckham (89 OVR)

A Mid David Beckham would most likely feature around his time in the Spanish capital.

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Beckham spent four years at Real Madrid, making 116 appearances and scoring 13 goals.

Again it would be a seriously high-rated passing statistic that would rule the roost - between 93-94 OVR we would imagine - whilst an 85-rated dribbling and 80-rated pace would make for an incredible RM card.

Prime Beckham (91 OVR)

Flashback to those late 1990's and THAT incident with Diego Simeone.

Those were the Prime Beckham days.

With 95-rated passing, 87-rated shooting and 82-rated pace as well as a monster free-kick, this would be one of the very best RM cards in FIFA 21.

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