FIFA 21 Playtime: Track & Limit your Ultimate Team Spending with this New Feature

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FIFA 21 can be an addictive game, there is no questioning that.

But in order to ensure you enjoy the game, you have to take a break every now and then.

FIFA Playtime will help you to do exactly that.


What is Playtime?

The primary goal of Playtime is to allow players to feel like they have more control when they are playing FIFA 21, with EA stating:

"It will allow players to have more control and visibility over how they play."

This feature will  limit the time and money you spend in the game, as you will now be able to track the amount of time you've spent playing as well as being able to see the number of FIFA points you've purchased.

Is it really useful?

As EA explains,

it has been studied that being able to access more information about using the game helps the player feel more comfortable.

If it was also combined with smart ads that guided the player's decisions, it was easier for the player to find a balance in their gaming experience.

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FULL: A fairly complete analysis of how much you're playing

It doesn't block you, it warns you


Many will already be questioning how useful this can be for someone who plays too many hours and doesn't have a "strong will."


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EA doesn't look to block the game if you exceed one of your limits, but to alert you with an on-screen notification to make you aware of how long you've been playing.

Keep in mind that if you have FIFA 21 open even if you're not playing, the counter keeps running.

Enabled on all devices

The feature is turned on or off on all devices. You can't turn it off on one device and want to have it on another. It's all or nothing.

With this we know that we can switch from PS4 to PS5 or Xbox One to Xbox Series X-S while maintaining the limits and statistics of open envelopes and purchased FIFA Points, but not the statistics of the time you've spent and the matches played.

This feature will become available on the following dates:

  • PC: November 12
  • PS4 and Xbox One: November 17
  • PS5 and Xbox Series X-S: December 4

You can learn more about this new feature



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