FIFA 21 Career Mode: Fewer free agents will mean changes to transfer strategy

FIFA 21 Career Mode has been officially revealed with some great new additions.

The transfer market has seen an overhaul, with one new feature certain to shake things up.

AI Contract Renewals

No more free superstars!

Well, that is not quite true, but there will be fewer big names available to sign on pre-contract agreements.

fifa contract negotiations
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SIGNED AND SEALED! AI clubs will now keep hold of their better players

AI clubs will now renew their stars’ contracts based on their rank within the club.

Certain players will still refuse contracts, but this is bad news for the managers looking to snap up players that would otherwise be out of their price range!

Revamped Transfer Market

Added to the AI contract renewals, the transfer market on a whole has been modified.

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Loan-to-buy deals will now be a part of the game. This is something the FIFA Community has been craving for a long time.

Player-swap deals are now a staple of the game, but AI clubs can now propose them too!

During negotiations, clubs may counter-offer for one of your players making for a more immersive feel to the game.

Check out the full FIFA 21 Career Mode Pitch Notes here.

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