F1 Esports Pro Draft 2020: Full Team Rosters

This year's F1 Esports Pro Draft presentation was shown live tonight. Each of the ten teams in the tournament have entered three drivers, consisting of two lead drivers and a draft pick.

A massive tournament was held to show which of the unsigned drivers was fastest. The teams that finished lower in last season's constructor's championship had a better position in tonight's order.

There are some of the best drivers in virtual racing named in this illustrious list. Here's the full roster!

Alfa Romeo

Lead drivers: Daniel Bereznay & Jarno Opmeer

Draft pick: Dominik Hofman

Alfa Romeo are looking to keep their good form going by retaining Daniel Bereznay and adding Jarno Opmeer from Renault.

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Alfa finished an extremely impressive 3rd in the constructor's championship with Berenznay also third in the driver's. Dominik Hofman has been signed via their draft pick.

Alpha Tauri

Lead drivers: Joni Tormala & Patrik Hotlzmann

Draft pick: Manuel Biancolilla

Joni Tormala has been demoted from Red Bull to Alpha Tauri for 2020. Patrik Holzmann has been retained as the other lead driver by the Italian team for this year.

Manuel Biancolilla also keeps his role as Alpha's reserve driver from last season after winning the team's draft pick.

FDA Hublot Esports Team

Lead drivers: David Tonizza & Enzo Bonito

Draft pick: Filip Presnajder

2019's driver's champion David Tonizza will be looking to repeat his success last season at Ferrari. Tonizza is joined by Enzo Bonito, a fellow Italian that drove for McLaren last season.

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Filip Presnajder joins Ferrari via their draft pick as their reserve driver for 2020.


Lead drivers: Floris Wijers & Cedric Thome

Draft pick: Simon Weigang

Haas retain Floris Wijers and gain the services of Renault driver Cedric Thomé for 2020. The American outfit finished bottom of the constructor's championship last season and will be hoping to fare better this year.

Haas had the first pick in the draft and Simon Weigang has joined after getting the boot from Renault last season.


Lead driver: James Baldwin

Draft picks: Matthias Cologon & Dani Moreno

James Baldwin will make his series debut with McLaren this year. It'll be an all-rookie line-up, as Dani Moreno will also be in papaya orange this season.

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Matthias Cologon has also been picked as the 12th draft pick in the series. Cologon is expected to get plenty of track time, as Baldwin has commitments to other series.


Lead drivers: Brendon Leigh & Bono Huis

Draft pick: Bardia Boroumand

Mercedes were poor in last year's series and Brendon Leigh carried the team. Leigh is unsurprisingly retained and is joined by former McLaren driver Bono Huis.

Bardia Boroumand has joined the Silver Arrows after the German team had the third pick in the draft.

Racing Point

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Lead drivers: Lucas Blakeley & Daniele Haddad

Draft pick: Shanaka Clay

Racing Point has retained Lucas Blakeley and Daniele Haddad as their racing drivers. Shanaka Clay has signed as Racing Point's reserve driver via the team's draft pick.

Red Bull

Lead drivers: Frederik Rasmussen & Marcel Kiefer

Draft pick: Tino Naukkarinen

Reigning constructor's champions Red Bull have unsurprisingly kept Frederik Rasmussen's services after the Dane helped the team win the title. Rasmussen will be looking to top his record-high 2019 points total in 2020.

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Marcel Kiefer has joined from Racing Point to replace Tormala. Tino Naukkarinen was the team's draft pick.


Lead driver: Nicolas Longuet

Draft picks: Capser Jansen & Fabrizio Donoso Delgado

Renault have opted for a lot of changes after last season, despite their 4th place in the constructor's championship.

Nicolas Longuet has joined from Red Bull and former Racing Point driver Fabrizio Donoso Delgado was the French outfit's first draft pick. Capser Jansen was chosen as the team's second pick.


Lead drivers: Alvaro Carreton & Salih Saltunc

Draft pick: Michael Romanidis

Alvaro Carreton remains at Williams for 2020 and is joined by Salih Saltunc, who drove for Alfa Romeo last season.


Greek driver Michael Romanidis makes his debut in the series thanks to Williams' draft pick.

The 2020 F1 Esports Series begins on the 14th October with a race in Bahrain.

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