F1 2020 Multiplayer: Split-screen confirmed, replays, online lobbies, penalties & more!

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COVID-19 has put a complete halt to the Formula 1 season, but F1 2020 should bring plenty of action!

Confirmed to arrive on 10 July, Codemasters are set to make a dent in your lockdown boredom.

F1 games are notorious for enjoyable racing and some crazy multiplayer scenes! You only have to look at the chaotic and entertaining Virtual Grand Prix for an example.

So what can we expect from the F1 2020 multiplayer options, and what do we want?

With F1 2020 right around the corner, we're going to list the features and improvements we'd like to see most to the online multiplayer!


two players race against each other in f1 2014 co-op.
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SPLIT-SCREEN: This mode used to be huge in previous F1 games, it's time to bring it back for 2020

There's nothing quite like the drama and action during the final laps in a multiplayer lobby with your friends.

The addition of leagues was a great way to spice up the action but allowing for split-screen would take it to the next level.

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Split-screen has been around for decades but has faded out of use over the last five years or so.

The only major racing title to have a split-screen option is WRC 8, and it has been amazingly well-received by gamers.

Now we know it will make a triumphant return in F1 2020. Codemasters have confirmed that split-screen multiplayer will be possible this year.

Savable replays

The action in F1 2020 shoullld be available to be viewed time and time again.
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REPLAY THETRE: F1 2020 should bring in more options for viewing the action you were a part of

This would be fantastic for both the casual and professional players of the official F1 games.

In career mode, when something bizarre occurs or you pull off an incredible overtake, you can go into the instant replay and save the video or screenshot. While you couldn't just pause the game in an online lobby, it would be nice to go back and save a replay.

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You can do this via the PS4's internal recording features but it'd be great to have something in F1 2020 that can do this. Furthermore, replays of qualifying laps and perhaps the pole lap to be shown to everybody would also be welcome.

It'd also be incredible to be able to share and watch these videos within the lobbies, like the kill cams at the end of a game in Call of Duty.

Improved stewarding

Vettel and Hamilton race side-by-side in F1 2019.
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BETTER DECISIONS: Tight battles are tough to call but F1 2020 should see improvements from the virtual stewards

This not only goes for online but also career mode and the sport in general. F1 2019 has its shortcomings when it comes to the penalty system online and it's something that should be improved upon for 2020.

The virtual stewards can't be perfect, getting a computer to judge an incident between two people playing online is far too complex to get correct every time but we're not referring to that.

We're instead focussing on the punishment when it comes to your points and experience acquired during a race.

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For example, if another player brake checks you or slams into your side and does damage to your wing, you will be punished for this post-race with a points deduction for poor driving.

This is down to a points multiplayer, not a time penalty, but it's still not right. It'd be a simple decision to code in, if the damage was caused by someone who got a penalty for the crash, don't punish the innocent party.

Aside from the three suggestions above, general improvements such as more livery options will be focussed upon by Codies ahead of the release.

Agree with our choices? What would you like to see implemented in F1 2020 multiplayer? Let us know in the comments below!

Quicker ghosting

Ever see a crash happen in front of you that is unavoidable and have your race totally ruined by it?

It's happened to every racer online, and it is always frustrating. Cars will ghost if they get majorly in the way, but first-corner accidents always catch the unfortunate racers at the back.

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An improved ghosting system would help save the race for those not involved in the intial incident. If a car is sideways on the track there is no reason not for them to ghost in an online race.

This could be turned off for private lobbies or leagues, but for usual unranked & ranked lobbies it needs to come in.

PS5 DualSense a gamechanger for pad racers

The addition of haptic feedback and adaptive triggers should make F1 2020 a far better experience for those that race with a controller.

Sony's new DualSense controller will allow far greater feel both for the track surface and the wheel spin generated. This will allow pad racers to disable traction control assists and really fly.

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