F1 2020 Game: Schumacher cars gameplay - Deluxe Edition trailer, classic cars, liveries, helmet & more

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The return of Formula 1 is approaching, as is the release of F1 2020.

A new trailer has arrived, showing off the four classic cars that you get with the Michael Schumacher Deluxe Edition.

Deluxe Edition trailer

The new trailer gives fans a taste of what they can expect should they buy the Deluxe Edition of F1 2020.

It features footage of the 1991 Jordan at Spa, the 1994 Benetton at Monaco, the 1995 Benetton at Hungary, and the 2000 Ferrari at Monza.

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Complete with iconic helmets and a few shots of the man himself celebrating, its sure to tug at the heartstrings of every F1 fan.

What do you get with the Deluxe Edition?

Coming in at £64.99, the Deluxe Edition is £10 more expensive than the standard game, but with it you get quite a few extras.

There is three days of early access, meaning you can play from 7 July.

Schumacher Benetton 95 Monaco 01 watermarked
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WINNER: Schumi took nine wins in this beauty

You get the four Schumacher cars:

  • Jordan 191 (1991)
  • Benetton B194 (1994)
  • Benetton B195 (1995)
  • Ferrari F1-2000 (2000)

Players that buy the Deluxe Edition will also receive an exclusive Schumacher in-game model, race suits, helmet designs, and podium celebration. There are also unique Schumacher-inspired multiplayer car liveries.

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Quite what this podium celebration is we don’t yet know. It could be conducting the anthems atop the podium, or one of his many podium leaps. Whatever it is, a lot of fans will be using it!

Is it worth the extra money?

Undoubtedly yes. For £10 more you get four extra cars, early access, car liveries, and driver items, and of course that podium celebration.

Schumacher Ferrari Japan 05 watermarked
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SCUDERIA SENSATION: This was the start of Schumi's dominant run with Ferrari

For younger players that don’t remember Schumacher it may seem a lot of fuss, but for millions of F1 fans and gamers it is a must-have.

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