F1 2020 Game: PS5 DualSense controller is a revloution for pad racers, release date, trailer & more

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The general consensus is that you can't be as fast on F1 games on a pad as you can be on wheel & pedals, well the new DualSense PS5 controller might end all that.

While every F1 gamer dreams of a rig like Lando Norris', it's not always possible and sometimes it is just easier to pick up a controller and go racing.

Which is where Sony's new controller comes in. The recent reveal of the DualSense controller as a next-gen replacement for the DualShock 4 will have a raft of features to help pad racers pick up their pace.

F1 2020 & PS5 DualSense controller

The difficulty racers have with controllers is the "on/off" function of buttons when what you need to go racing is gradual application.

A second issue is one of feedback. The feel of the track, bumps, and grip levels is key to not spinning out - it's tough to get either of these things on the current controllers of the PS4 or Xbox One.

2 classic McLarens in Monaco in F1 2019
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DANGER CLOSE: The new controller will make wheel-to-wheel racing better

That's where the DualSense controller comes in. Two major features address both these issues.

Haptic Feedback

Ok, time to get a bit nerdy. During Sony's announcement, they specifically mentioned Haptic Feedback and its impact on racing games. What is Haptic Feedback I hear you ask?

dualsense PS5 controller
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FRESH: Sony have taken a new direction with the DualSense

It's all about the sensations you get through the controller through a variety of vibrations. From the old rumble pack of the N64 to the modern controllers, vibration feedback is key to gaming.

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The Haptic Feedback of the DualSense controller will improve the sensation of driving with more precise and powerful vibration than ever before.

This will help you sense wheel-spin and grip levels, as well as where the bumps are on a track. In short, it will help you race with lower traction control and thus be faster on the track!

DualSense adaptive triggers

dual sense features dualshock 4
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TRIGGER MAN: This controller should be a game-changer for racers

So that solves one issue, but what about the gradation of acceleration and braking? Well, the DualSense hits that too.

The new adaptive triggers for the L2 and R2 buttons allow you to "truly feel the tension of your actions”.

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This should make it far easier to make gradual application of your throttle and brakes, a key to driving without ABS and traction control, and feel the response of the car thus allowing you to catch wheel spin and lockups before they happen.

F1 2020 release date

We know that F1 2020 arrives on 10 July, before the PlayStation 5.

While the PS5 will have backward compatibility it isn't guaranteed to be there for every game, though F1 2020 should be popular enough that it will be on the new console, and get all the benefits of the new DualSense controller!

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