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The Dutch Grand Prix at Zandvoort is one of two new tracks on F1 2020. It has become an instant favourite with players, as the undulations and camber of the circuit give it a rollercoaster-like feel which is thrilling to drive.

With this guide, you’ll be able to get the most out of the circuit and join the fun!

Turn 1

Turn one, also known as Tarzan, is a corner which requires a good deal of bravery and commitment. Start braking just after the 100m board, around 80m before the corner.

F1 2020 Zandvoort Turn 1 Y
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TARZAN: Turn 1 is a corner that rewards commitment

Keep as tight a line as you can, and you should find the camber of the track naturally keeps you on line. Your minimum speed here should be around 70mph, in 3rd gear.

Turns 2 & 3

After a brief blast of throttle on the exit of Tarzan, you’ll reach the small right-hand kink that is turn 2. Brake a little at the 50m board, and aim for the slightest of brushes against the kerb on the inside. You should brake down to about 130mph in 6th gear.

F1 2020 Zandvoort Turn 3 Y
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BANKED: The camber of turn 3 allows you to carry more speed

You won’t have much time to think before turn 3 hits you. This is probably the hardest corner of the entire circuit. Start braking just as the track begins to dip after the small crest of the exit of 2. There are multiple lines that you can take through here, as the camber once again helps you out.

Taking a fairly tight line is probably the best way to go. You should go down to about 50mph in 2nd gear before starting to apply the throttle mid-way through the corner.

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The sooner you can straighten the car on exit, the sooner you can floor the throttle. Be wary of the outside kerb on the exit, as this can unsettle the car.

Turn 6

The next few turns after 3 are taken flat out and should give you no trouble at all. The next corner that will require you to think is turn 6.

F1 2020 Zandvoort turn 6 Y
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IT'S A TRAP: Watch out for the gravel on the outside of turn 6

Only the slightest of touches on the brakes is required here, enough to take you to about 150mph in 7th gear. There’s no real brake marker here, so you might want to experiment with this corner a little.

Once you’ve successfully slowed down and turned in, it’s already time to lay down the power again on your way to turn 7.

Turns 7 & 8

Turn 7 is quite deceptive. It looks as though you will need to slow down the car significantly, but this is not the case.

F1 2020 Zandvoort Turn 7 Y
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DECEPTIVE: Turn 7 can be taken at very high speeds

Braking just after the 50m board to a minimum speed of 140mph in 6th gear is the way to go here. Try to take a little bit of the kerb on the inside, but not too much!

The exit of turn 7 quickly becomes the entry to turn 8. Brake at about 70m before the corner, and try to make sure you are as far to the left as you can be when you do so.

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The corner tightens as you go, so you’ll need to wind on more steering lock throughout the turn accordingly. Aim for the inside kerb with you front right wheel. By the time you reach the apex you should be at around 80mph in 3rd gear.

Again, it’s important to floor the throttle as soon as you know that you aren’t going to run out of road on the exit.

Turn 9

After the exit of 8, try to get the car over to the right-hand side of the circuit before turn 9. Here, you want to brake just after the 50m board.

F1 2020 Zandvoort turn 9 Y
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TWISTS AND TURNS: There are several long corners like turn 9 at Zandvoort

As this corner is followed by a DRS straight, it is tempting to take a late apex to maximise exit speed. However, the inside of the track on exit is very slippery, so it’s best to simply take a standard line through the turn.

Aim to follow the inside kerb for the majority of the corner, going down to about 75mph at the apex. You should be in 3rd gear here. The track opens out nicely on exit, so you can start accelerating sooner than you think.

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Let the car slowly drift to the outside of the track as you exit the corner, so as to avoid the slippery part of the track while also letting you put your foot down.  

Turns 10 & 11

Turn 10 is a tricky little right-hander. It’s important to get this turn right as it will set you up for turn 11 right after it. Brake at 100m exactly, down to about 75mph in 3rd. Try to avoid the inside kerb, as this will harm your entry into 11 unless you get it just right.

F1 2020 Zandvoort Turns 10 and 11 Y
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ONE-TWO PUNCH: The entry to turn 11 hits you as you exit turn 10

Try to steer as far to the right as you can on the exit before you get into turn 11, so that you open up your line for it.

Turn 11 itself is long and somewhat frustrating. It is similar to turn 9, inasmuch as the inside of the track on exit is quite slippery. Therefore, it’s worth it to take a tighter line through the corner rather than trying too hard for a late apex.

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You should find yourself at around 60mph for most of the corner, taking it in 2nd gear. Be careful with your acceleration on exit, but avoid being overly-tentative as this can cost you a lot of time.

Furthermore, avoid the exit kerb on the outside, as this will prevent you from laying down the power.

Turns 11 & 12

After the short straight following turn 11, you’ll reach turn 12. It is essential to get this one right, as your exit speed will affect you all the way to turn 1.

F1 2020 Zandvoort Turn 12 Y
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THE FINAL TEST: Turn 12 is the last braking zone of the lap

Brake after the 50m board, at around 25m before the corner. You’ll want to get as close to the inside kerb as you can without touching it. If you get your wheels on the kerb you will either spin out or your car will be thrown wide. At the apex, you should be down at around 105mph in 4th gear.

Try to get the throttle completely planted before you reach the exit kerbs on the outside. If you get on these kerbs without being at full-throttle, you won’t be able to safely apply any more power until you’re off them again.

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Once you’re clear of the kerbs, let the camber of the track guide you through turn 13. Don’t keep too tight a line, as you might lose control if your steering angle is too sharp. It is very important to be smooth on the wheel here, so that your car won’t get twitchy.

You should be able to take this corner completely flat, but if you feel the car getting away from you it’s better to lift than to crash. 


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