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16 Sep 2020

Can you play F1 2020 on PS5? PS5 Showcase, Next-gen specs, smart delivery, graphics, release date, reveal, DualSense control & more

Can you play F1 2020 on PS5? PS5 Showcase, Next-gen specs,
smart delivery, graphics, release date, reveal, DualSense control
& more

The game is already out on PS4, but what about next-gen? Here's everything we know so far.

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Latest News - PS5 price & release date announced

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Is F1 2020 on PS5?

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PlayStation 5 reveal

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What to expect from F1 2020 on PS5

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Will PS5 have the edge on the Xbox Series X?

Fans are anxiously waiting to learn whether F1 2020 will be available on the PS5.

Could the PS5 Showcase answer this burning question?

Latest News - PS5 price & release date announced

The PS5 Showcase didn't disappoint, as Sony finally revealed the details of their next-gen console.

The PS5 will have a staggered release, with North America, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, and South Korea getting the console on 12 November while the rest of the world has to wait until 19 November.

PS5 release dates

LUCKY: Some very fortunate gamers will get the PS5 a week early

However, the console is competitively priced at $499/£449, with the digital edition coming in at $399/£359.

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Is F1 2020 on PS5?

F1 2020 developers Codemasters have revealed plenty of information about the game's new and returning features via various trailers.

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However, no word on a PS5 nor Xbox Series X version of F1 2020 has us speculating. To get a better idea of what's to come, we need to delve into the past.

F1 2014 gameplay Alonso ferrari

LOOK TO THE PAST: 2014's release can tell us what to expect for 2020

The most comparable situation to this one is when F1 2014 and 2015 were released around the time of the PS4's introduction. F1 2014 was released after the PS4 hit markets around the world but the game was only released on PS3.

When F1 2015 came the following year, it was released on PS4. However, Codemasters won't want to repeat the quality of those games.

Although, from what we've seen so far and with how much F1 2019 impressed us, it's very unlikely that will happen.

PlayStation 5 reveal

F1 2020 is looking to reshape the series in some amazing ways, but the next gen question is what's on everyone's mind.

After all, when next gen consoles arrive, game developers will have a lot more room to work, with enhanced processing power and more.

Fans didn't hear anything specifically about F1 2020 at the PS5 reveal event, but if the showcase of Gran Turismo 7 is anything to go by the new hardware will do wonders for the series.

What to expect from F1 2020 on PS5

f1 2019 pit lane gameplay vettel ferrari

GRAPHICAL UPGRADE: Next-gen's graphics and fluidity will be like nothing we've seen before

If F1 2020 did come out on PS5, the capabilities of next-gen would make the experience incredible.

Loading times

One of Sony's aims for the PS5 is to eliminate loading screens for its games to create a truly fluid experience. To achieve this, the PS5's is reported to have processing capabilities 18 times faster than PS4.

This is huge for a game like F1 2020, where you'll be going from track, to the garage, to carry out interviews then to the next session.

Up to 8K gaming

The PS5’s Max Output Resolution being 8K, we can expect some seriously stunning visuals from the console.

With the reported 240 FPS the PS5 can achieve as well, the experience will be unlike anything gamers have experienced in the past. Whenever we get a F1 game on the system, it'll be a huge leap in quality.

DualSense Controller

ps5 controller dualsense

LEVEL UP: The PS5's alleged controller pad is a huge step up

The adaptive triggers and haptic feedback reportedly available on the PS5's controller could make a huge difference to racing gamers.

The main issue for pad gamers has been the typical on/off function of the controller's buttons. There's always been a lack of feel compared to a wheel and pedals system, but that could be about to be revolutionised for the PS5!

Will PS5 have the edge on the Xbox Series X?

Presumably, if F1 2020 did come out on PS5, it would also be released on the Xbox Series X.

With no gameplay available on either system, it's impossible to say which system will be better optimised for a motorsport title like this. Although, ray tracing being available on both systems will really improve textures and lighting.

Sony’s new home console is rumoured to be released sometime in October or November. F1 2020 will be released on July 10th, so it’s unlikely Codemasters will focus on adapting F1 2020 to the new system.

The COVID-19 lockdown also has to be considered when thinking about F1 2020 on PS5.

With their staff members at home for the foreseeable future, Codies will want to focus as much as possible on making F1 2021 as optimised as they can for PS5.

What seems apparent is that both platforms have some incredible next-gen technology, which will be utilised to create a fantastic motorsport gaming experience.

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