Elder Scrolls 6: Developers in 'full production status' according to a new leak

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Bethesda Softworks has been working on a few big-name franchises in recent years, namely Starfield, Fallout 76 and the next Elder Scrolls game.

However, we've heard that Starfield is supposed to launch before The Elder Scrolls 6, so the back end of 2019 saw the development team prioritising progress of the sci-fi game.

However, now that the studio has made adjustments, it seems that there is a new focus on their other big production, The Elder Scrolls 6. 

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Full production status

The Elder Scrolls 6 is gradually becoming one of the most highly anticipated video game entries of all time, but in spite of all the hype, the studio appears to be keeping its cards very close to its chest.  

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EPIC: We don't know what to expect from the next title, but we couldn't be more excited to see it launch

The only leak we have seen so far has been regarding the location of the next entry, but as is the case with most leaks in the gaming industry, we can’t take it as the truth.

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What we do know, however, is that the development team has reached a point where the game is in the “latter stages of development”.

However, the studio has failed to comment on the crunch that has been going on for the best part of a year, and will carry on until both titles launch.

Other news

In other news, The Elder Scrolls Online: Greymoor will release for PC on May 18, with Xbox One and PS4 owners receiving it a couple of weeks later, on June 2.

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FUS RO DAH: The new chapter will feature new delves, public dungeons, and stand-alone quests

In the backend of 2019, we were teased that Elder Scrolls Online will take players back to Skyrim, and it turns out that the whole Western region of the province is being added. 

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The new Chapter coming to Elder Scrolls Online has just been announced, and it will be titled Greymoor

Just like in the previous chapter, Elsweyr, we are being promised a year-long adventure with plenty of DLC.

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Currently, in Elder Scrolls Online, players can roam around along Skyrim’s eastern zones of Eastmarch, Bleakrock, and the Rift.

However, in Greymoor, players can now return to the snow-swept home of the Nords and explore the region of Western Skyrim. 

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