EA FC Pro Clubs: Classic FIFA mode set for complete overhaul

ea fc club fifa 24 pro clubs celebration

ea fc club fifa 24 pro clubs celebration

With EA and FIFA parting ways, EA FC will effectively be the next in the FIFA series as we know it (although FIFA 24 could be on the way), with major upgrades coming to the fan-favourite game mode Pro Clubs - or, as it will now be known - Club!

Creating and then levelling up your Virtual Pro with mates has made Pro Clubs one of the most sociable modes on the title for years and it is set to be better than ever in the upcoming game.

Check out the latest leaks and news regarding EA FC Club (previously FIFA Pro Clubs) below.

EA FC Club

It's not just the main game that is getting a title change, with it reported that Pro Clubs is being revamped simply as Club!

EA FC is the title for the game being developed by EA Sports, who have created the FIFA title for the last 30 years, with FIFA looking for a new developer to continue the FIFA franchise, although FIFA 24 is looking unlikely.

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SWITCH IT UP - FC is the new football franchise from EA Sports

We're not sure why EA FC are renaming Pro Clubs to Club, but it could just be a measure to distance itself slightly from its predecessor.

There are also some significant changes that FIFAUTeam and other leakers say will be implemented in the upcoming game.

Club Seasons

Along with the name change, the latest news to come out surrounding Club in EA FC is the introduction of seasonal competition.

Currently, your progress as a club is judged on what division you are in, with promotion or relegation decided by how many points you amass from a finite amount of matches.

You can jump on whenever you want, with the progress picking up from where you left it.

ea fc club pro clubs fifa 23
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TITLE TITANS - Take your club right to the top division in Club

However, Club is set to include a seasonal competition mode, more akin to Rivals. It is unclear whether this will be replacing the current model in Pro Clubs, or if this will be an additional, more competitive mode within Club.

It is reported that each season will last six weeks, with the first five consisting of normal league matches, then the final week being playoff games.

This will likely lead to more competitive gameplay and also require playing the mode more regularly if you want to climb the divisions.

EA FC Crossplay

The big issue when it came to FIFA 23 Pro Clubs was crossplay.

Despite being rolled out across other game modes in the title, most notably in Ultimate Team, it wasn't used in Pro Clubs, where arguably it was needed the most!

The community hit back at EA when they discovered this, with #SaveProClubs trending online, forcing a statement from the company explaining why it wasn't included in the mode and saying they were working on implementing it.

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PRAY FOR CROSSPLAY - The community would love to see crossplay in EA FC Club

Although we are yet to see crossplay brought to FIFA 23 Pro Clubs, there is much buzz about it coming in EA FC Club, with @FUTZONEFIFA leaking that it would be included.

This has been further backed up by comments from FIFAUTeam in a thread on their own Club leak, which said "Crossplay details will be unveiled later" and "We are confident but so far is not confirmed."

It seems like they know something not yet made public...

EA FC is already shaping up nicely and the inclusion of crossplay in Club would be a massive step in the right direction, pleasing loads of players in the community!

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