EA Sports FC: How to qualify for the Beta

EA Sports FC Mbappe Kelly

EA Sports FC Mbappe Kelly

It's almost time to celebrate the launch of EA Sports FC, but there is plenty of hype and information to consume before then.

One such annual tradition is the arrival of the EA FC beta, similar to the FIFA Beta we use to see launch roughly 2 months before full release.

With EA Sports FC likely sticking to the late-September release date, it means we aren't far away from Beta codes being sent out.

Want to know how to increase your chances of being on the exclusive invite list? Check below to find out more.

EA Sports FC Beta

It has not yet been confirmed that a full EA Sports FC Beta is coming, but we would be surprised if EA didn't follow the same schedule seen in previous years.

EA Sports FC
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NEW ERA - EA Sports FC launches in 2023

That would mean that EA Sports FC's Beta would land at the beginning of August and will likely be playable for around 3 weeks.

As with previous Beta windows, invites will only be sent to a select few members of the FIFA community, with these codes locked to accounts and unable to be shared.

The purpose of the Beta is to test modes, discover glitches and ultimately feedback to EA about changes that can be made before launch.

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NEW GAME NEW LOOK - The new branding has been revealed for EA Sports FC

A Beta period will likely be more important than ever this year, with EA desperate to get their franchise started on the right foot.

Beta codes are likely to be sent out towards the end of July/beginning of August so be sure to keep a close eye on your linked email.

How to Qualify

In truth, there is no set way to increase your chances of receiving a Beta code. However, it is important that you're a long-term player of the series and have sunk plenty of time into the previous FIFA game.

In our experience, players that have multiple FIFA titles in the bank tend to shoot towards the top of the list. However, we must stress that there have been no proven selection criteria.

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INVITE ONLY - The closed Beta is set to begin next month

There is no way to sign up for the Beta as it's a closed Beta set for those who receive invites via their email.

You cannot share your code and sharing any gameplay details is a breach of your agreement to access the Beta.

Our advice for qualification is simple: Ensure your email is linked to an account with a rich history of FIFA games and make sure you've sunk plenty of time into the last FIFA release, in this case FIFA 23.

More information should be available regarding the Beta soon, with official information pertaining to EA Sports FC confirmed to be arriving in July.

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