EA FC 24 Career Mode AI is CHEATING

With the EA Sports FC 24 Beta in full swing, players are already starting to notice issues with the upcoming game. As most Career Mode users have come to learn, priorities lie elsewhere when it comes to patches and updates.

Take FIFA 23 for example, you’re three seasons into your Crystal Palace save, when Manchester City make a big money move for Jude Bellingham in the January transfer window, only for him to make his debut against your team in April.

Career Mode fans on Reddit have expressed their concern about a new feature called ‘Training Plans,’ stating that the users’ team has their energy sapped fairly quickly, whilst the AI always seems to have full stamina.

What is the 'Training Plans' feature?

Training Plans allow you to establish the right balance between building performance and regaining energy for each player in the squad. There are five Training Plans to choose from ranging from focus on Performance to focus on Energy.

The intention is for the manager to be able to prepare their players as best they can for the next fixture.

What do EA FC 24 Beta players think?

Each year the Beta is released to a select group of players, with the hope that by playing the game, they can point out any bugs, technical issues, and general concerns about the new release. Those with access to Career Mode have been eager to try out the new features, but it seems there is a sense of frustration.

Pep Guardiola in EA Sports FC 24
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Career Mode managers left frustrated

Reddit user u/Not_Shingen said: “A slight upside is they do encourage a little bit more rotation than previous years.

“However, the AI do not have this problem and always seem to be on full stamina, even if they’re in like 3 or 4 cup competitions, which is literally not possible to do with such a congested fixture list.”

Another user u/TheZargo added: “AI has never rotated squads.

“The team stats of any competition shows you that.

“At max (best) they have substitutes getting appearances but most of a team’s roster remains unused.”

For those that have access to Career Mode, there is a sense of enthusiasm towards the new Training Plans feature, but only if it works in unison with the AI squads.

Could this be looked at by EA, with fans eager for the release of the new game, developers will be looking to iron out any issues early on.

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