NEW football rule coming to FC 25?

EA FC New Football Rule

We're now at two months since the release of FC 24, and for EA, it's been a year that has resembled change.

FC 24 is just the start of a new era for fans, following the conclusion of EA and FIFA's partnership which spanned 30 years.

EA is no stranger when it comes to change, however, and they often introduce new updates to their football games, ensuring they accurately reflect the sport in its current form as much as possible.

The beautiful game is also evolving on the pitch as well as off it, with new players, teams, tournaments, and rules being implemented all the time.

We've often seen these changes apply to FIFA from time to time, and it appears it may not be long before more arrive for EA FC, giving them a new look and feel.

New football rule set for trial

Whenever new rules were introduced to football in the real world over the years, EA would make sure some of them were added to FIFA at the earliest opportunity, such as the allowance of five substitutions instead of three, for example.

EA FC 24
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Certain things like VAR and punishment for time-wasting remain missing from FC 24, but one particular rule is likely to be the next one introduced to future FC games if its trial is deemed a success.

During a meeting involving the International Football Association Board (IFAB) on Tuesday, 28 November, 10-minute sin bins for cynical fouls and dissent were recommended for trialling within the professional game.

The proposal is subject to approval at the Annual General Meeting in March 2024, so any confirmed changes will not likely apply to FC 24. FC 25, on the other hand, could receive the new rule should it be made official prior to its release.

If the rule is indeed introduced, it will be interesting to see how EA brings it to life in future titles.

When it comes to sin bins in EA FC, it may be a case of introducing a system where the AI referee uses them when a player pushes or tackles the opponent without going anywhere near the ball, deeming it a cynical foul.

Punishment for dissent in EA FC may be trickier as it's not something that should be encouraged or promoted. Still, one idea could be a player arguing with the referee or opposition player, leading to a sin bin. We already see similar cutscenes in today's game, so it shouldn't be difficult to add.

Would you like to see the sin bin rule added to football and future EA FC games? Let us know!

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