FC 24: Best fixes from every Title Update so far

EA FC 24 Title Update

EA FC 24 Title Update

FC 24 is well and truly up and running following its launch just over two months ago, with millions of players around the world no doubt deep in their Ultimate Team journeys and Career Mode saves.

Unfortunately, it's proven difficult to ignore or sugar-coat the negatives that have overshadowed the game since its release, however, EA is doing something about it, and fast!

For the first time since its launch in late September, it finally feels as if FC 24 is moving in the right direction after several Title Updates, with the latest one proving quite popular among the FC community.

With that said, we have put together some of the best and most important fixes applied to FC 24 so far.

FC 24 patch notes & updates

From major bugs and glitches to annoying gameplay issues, FC 24 hasn't exactly been the polished product many were hoping for, but that's not to say it won't be eventually.

FC 24 Title Update 6 is the latest to go live
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FC 24 Title Update 6

EA released five Title Updates within the first few weeks of the game's release, and they aren't stopping there as further efforts are made to improve the FC 24 experience.

Below we'll take a look at some of the main issues that have been rectified in recent Title Updates, including the Holiday Update (Title Update 6), which is now available for all versions of FC 24.

AI press

  • Strikers and wide midfielders will tend to be less aggressive when trying to mark central attackers.
  • Significantly reduced the amount of pressure the defensive team can apply to players along the sidelines.

Players, especially those who use Ultimate Team and Clubs, found it practically impossible to play through midfield due to the AI closing them down far too aggressively and quickly.

Since the update went live, this issue seems to have been resolved, with several users explaining their relief at having space to make runs and create chances from midfield without coming under endless amounts of pressure.

Finesse shot accuracy

  • Slightly reduced finesse shot accuracy when performed by players with the Finesse and Finesse+ PlayStyles.

Prior to Title Update 6, players with the Finesse PlayStyles were extremely overpowered and scored from pretty much every finesse shot. This has now been nerfed by EA, hopefully making them less effective and easier to stop.

Tackle glitch

  • Addressed some instances of ball carriers unintentionally winning the ball back following a stumble animation when tackled.

Users of Ultimate Team and Clubs, in particular, will no doubt be glad to see the back of this one.

The tackling mechanics were broken before this fix, with defenders missing the ball completely or tackling the opponent only for them to miraculously retain the ball and be through on goal to score.

Trickstar+ glitch

  • In some situations, the ball could have incorrectly stuck to a dribbler's leg as they ran.

It's no surprise to see EA have fixed this one quite quickly, considering it was impacting a large number of players online.

The glitch saw a player perform a skill move that resulted in the ball attaching to the back of their leg or hand, enabling them to have a free run towards - and into - the opposition goal. Despite attempts to tackle and intercept the player, it was virtually impossible to stop them.

Trickstar+ glitch FC 24
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Trickstar+ glitch

This fix should definitely save a few controllers from being smashed!

Settings reset

  • Addressed instances of Controller Settings sometimes resetting.
  • In rare cases, Personal Settings could not be saved.

This fix will also prevent a lot of anger, as it was without a doubt one of the most infuriating things wrong with FC 24.

A number of players including ourselves started up the game to find pretty much all of the settings had reset to default. Controller settings appeared to be the main ones impacted, but a few gameplay settings also changed back, including Next Player Switch Indicator.

Game settings FC 24
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Game settings

Hopefully it's the last we see of this issue, although it has appeared in previous EA titles, so we won't hold our breath!

Career Mode fixes

  • In some cases, players did not regenerate stamina after international matches in Manager Career.
  • Press conference tutorials could have continued to appear after the first press conference in Manager Career.
  • The Brand Exposure Objective did not function correctly in Manager Career.

If you are a Career Mode user, then it's likely you would have encountered some of these frustrating issues.

We experienced the stamina bug ourselves, although it was connected to European matches and not international ones, so fingers crossed that both have been rectified.

FC 24 Fitness bug
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Fitness bug

From our own experience, every time we opted to do a press conference, the tutorial screen would emerge before answering questions. It wasn't the most urgent of problems, but it was an annoying one which slowed the game down.

The Brand Exposure bug impacted players a lot more, with objectives not completing as they should, despite all requirements being met. This is another error which we encountered, and it had a negative impact on our Managerial Rating as a result.

These are just some of the main fixes that have been implemented by EA in the latest FC 24 updates, you can view the full list here.

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