EA FC 24: NEW voices coming with commentary team confirmed

EA Sports FC 24 Commentary

EA Sports FC 24 Commentary

The hype is building, with the release of EA FC 24 just around the corner and newly announced features setting the pulse racing.

Sometimes, it isn't just the headline features that get people talking with the small details being just as important.

One such small detail is commentary teams, with EA confirming a brand new set of announcers for EA FC 24.

With that in mind, let's take a look at the new voice that will be soundtracking your EA Sports FC experience.

EA FC 24 commentators

It's been confirmed that a brand new commentary is coming to EA FC 24, truly marking the start of a new era.

Who are these two new stars of the mic? Well, that would be esteemed commentator and broadcaster Guy Mowbray, alongside former Women's football star Sue Smith.

Their voices can be heard in the gameplay trailer, with fans quickly jumping to social media for more details.

Haaland EA FC 24
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NEW COVER STAR - Haaland is now the face of EA FC 24

Whilst we don't know yet as to whether Mowbray and Smith will be the main commentary team for the game, we are certain that they will feature.

Mowbray's addition into the game will no doubt be a hit, with the commentator providing the narrative for many of football's spectacular moments in recent years.

Smith will also add some much-needed diversity in the commentary booth, with the former England international set to become the first female commentator in FIFA/EA FC history.

Alongside them, we're expecting pitchside report Alex Scott to keep her spot in the game and return to the role she played in FIFA 23.

Seeing double

With Smith and Mowbray confirmed as the new commentary team for EA FC 24, many are wondering whether another team will join them.

We've seen this in past years for FIFA and could see this trick replicated again in EA FC 24.

EA Sports FC 24
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JOIN THE CLUB - EA Sports FC 24 lands on September 29

What makes this so effective? Changing commentary teams every now and then adds an extra flavour and diversifies the overall experience.

Whilst we've no doubt Mowbray and Smith will do a great job, wouldn't it be nice to also have the option of picking another commentary team every now and then to supplement the action?

Right now, we don't have confirmation either way regarding a secondary commentary team in EA FC 24, but we've no doubt that it won't be long until we know more.

Final farewell

As with the arrival of anything new, it often means something is heading in the other direction.

In this case, the English-speaking commentary team of Derek Rae and Stewart Robson are the ones to make way for Smith and Mowbray.

EA FC 24 Commentary
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END OF AN ERA - Rae and Robson look to have exited the game

As stated above, we'd love to see these two stay in the game and provide alternate commentary, but we don't often see this from EA.

If this is to be farewell to Rae and Robson, then we can safely say that they did a great job during their tenure on the stick and, whilst commentary can always become a bit samey, these two offered enough excitement to keep us truly immersed.

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