EA FC 24: First look provide MAJOR concerns

EA FC 24 Chiesa

EA FC 24 Chiesa

Major details have been revealed for EA FC 24, EA's brand-new football game that looks set to change the landscape of sports gaming.

With major reveals come first looks and previews for the game, with gameplay elements being showcased.

A host of news outlets have also released previews of the game, offering their insight into how new gameplay additions have changed the overall feel.

Whilst the presentation of the bells and whistles has been promising thus far, we fear that EA is once again overlooking the main issue.

EA FC 24 early disappointments

It's important to preface this article by saying that we have not yet been exposed to all of the new features in EA FC 24.

Right now, we've seen the headline features and new gameplay additions, with more reveals and deep dives coming over the next few weeks.

EA FC 24 Grealish
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HANGING IN THE BALANCE - We're not sure whether EA FC 24 will be a hit or a miss

However, with previews out and our first look at the menus now available, we can't help but feel a little tentative.

We don't want to stunt the hype train, only offer an alternate view in the hope that EA proves us to be desperately wrong.

Promising signs

In terms of graphics, EA FC 24 looks truly stunning.

The new Frostbite engine and Sapien tech have truly taken the visual representation of football gaming to a whole new stratosphere.

The new HyperMotion V tech has also changed the game, with Volumetric data allowing each player to look, and feel, unique from another.

That last point is also key when it comes to female players being added to Ultimate Team, with new additions needing to feel as though they offer something not yet seen before.

EA FC 24 Haaland
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STUNNING VISUALS - EA FC is winning in the graphics category

The above statements are all a sign of positive steps forward, but it's worth remembering that they are only aesthetic details and their impact on the wider feel of the game is minimal.

We'll also add that custom players and inauthentic scans also look a lot better this year, with these forgotten players hopefully not looking too out of place in EA's brushed-up land of superstars.

All that being said, there are some major negatives that have also come to light as part of the most recent reveals.

Spoiling the party

Going into the release of EA FC 24, we were wholly concerned that the game would look almost identical to FIFA 23, with only minimal changes made to the menus.

Unfortunately, whilst some changes have been made in certain areas, the general game looks to follow the same formula as we've seen in previous years.

Whilst this certainly isn't enough of a qualm to make us avoid the game, it certainly does create a sense of disappointment when hoping for so much more.

EA FC 24 stadiums
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LOOKING FOR MORE - Early signs for EA FC aren't looking great

In so many ways, EA Sports FC 24 is a brand-new era that EA should be treating as such but providing the same, or similar, menus and aesthetic will only serve to disappoint a player base that was hoping for something fresh.

Whilst there is only so much you can do with the overall interface of a game, we can't help but feel that EA missed a trick when it comes to offering a much-needed facelift.

The other concern comes from a gameplay standpoint, with some previews suggesting that the new mechanics offer little in the way of overall improvement.

For example, Gfinity's preview offers the following:

The improvements away from the pitch are exciting, without being game changing. EA Sports are treating FC 24 like a new series beginning, but it’s exactly the level of change I’d have expected from FIFA 24.

This is a concerning read, especially when EA FC 24 was billed as the start of a new era.

As we've stated above, we hope our doubts and scepticism are proven to be incorrect, but there is a fear that EA could once again be spreading themselves too thin in an endeavour to revolutionise the football gaming sphere.

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