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EA FC 24

EA FC 24

Very rarely do we see managers in football take charge of both a domestic club and an international football team, especially in modern times, however, it’s been done before, by some huge names.

Sir Alex Ferguson was one of the last modern managers to be the boss of club and country and this was almost 40 years ago.

The Scottish legend was in charge of Aberdeen before his Manchester United days and also made it his mission to get Scotland to the World Cup in 1986.

Ultimately he failed, being knocked out by Austria in the World Cup play-off, however, it’s definitely been done before, and in EA Sports FC 24, you can also manage club and country in Career Mode.

How to manage club and country in EA FC 24 Career Mode?

It’s fairly simple really, and this has been a feature in FIFA games of the past for many years.

When loading into a Career Mode save, you come across a menu with options such as match difficulty, half-length, and much more.

But the feature you’ll be looking for is titled ‘International Job Offers.’

Pep Guardiola EA FC 24
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Pep Guardiola EA FC 24

You will want to keep that enabled, allowing you to receive international job offers throughout your Career Mode save.

How to manage the best nations in EA FC 24 Career Mode?

Throughout your Career Mode save, you will receive international job offers based on your performances, and as you build up your reputation managing at club level, the better national teams you will be offered.

Each player has the ability to accept or decline an offer, so if you don’t believe the national team is right for you, you don’t have to take the job!

As international tournaments take place outside of the regular season, you shouldn’t have club and country games interfering with one another.

Win the World Cup in EA FC 24
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World Cup trophy

The only time this could happen is if you are playing with a lower league team, perhaps in League Two, or during pre-season.

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