EA Sports College Football 25 Gameplay Deep Dive Introduces Fantastic Features!

EA Sports College Football 25 Gameplay Footage

EA Sports College Football 25 Gameplay Footage

The EA Sports College Football 25 Gameplay Deep Dive gave fans a chance to look at the gameplay for the first time, and also see some of the new features the game is going to introduce.

The title announced some massive features, such as the Wear & Tear system, and new player abilities, that promise to make EA Sports College Football 25 a unique game experience.

The Wear & Tear System

The Wear & Tear system is coming to EA Sports College Football 25, and it will change how the game is played.

It's a new and unique damage system, where your player's progressive health deteriorates throughout the game, on account of how many hits, and what type of hits, they have taken.

This will force you to be much more strategic about the plays you choose to go for, and how you manage your roster not only during the game but during the whole season.

With the Wear & Tear system not all hits are created equally, and some players will be affected more by certain types of hits.

EA Sports College Football 25 Wear & Tear System
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The system was created to simulate the "real-world effects of fatigue and damage on a player's performance". This means every one of your moves needs to be calculated.

If you spent the entire first half running the ball with your start RB, don't be surprised if he is gassed out in the second half, and even needs to be taken out of the game earlier than expected.

The same goes for throwing 50 or 60 passes per game. While in Madden this is something you can do with no downsides, that's not the case in EA Sports College Football 25.

If you try to do that, there are good chances your QB will struggle to throw the ball late in the game, leading to more incomplete passes, interceptions, and even fumbles.

New Player Abilities

As mentioned above, EA Sports College Football 25 will introduce a plethora of player abilities.

These abilities will play a key role in separating the veteran, and superstar players, from the freshman players. Furthermore, they will showcase the skill disparity between average players, and great ones.

EA Sports College Football 25 Player Abilities
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There are two types of abilities, physical and mental, with players being able to have a maximum of eight abilities, five physical, and three mental. Each ability has four tiers, and EA Sports College Football 25 has a total of 80 abilities.

Abilities will affect how players perform under pressure, with players' abilities progressing throughout the season.

Home Field Advantage

There is no sport in the world where the home-field advantage is as important and impactful as in College Football.

EA Sports College Football 25 made sure that is felt in the game, with home field advantage impacting how players perform, their confidence level, and the opposing QB's ability to call audibles,

EA Sports College Football 25 Home Field Advantage
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So when you are playing away from home, you will need to be extra careful with what plays you call, to who you throw the ball, and make sure the players you put out on the field can handle the pressure.

A Plethora of New and Unique Playbooks

EA Sports College Football 25 brings 1.5K new plays, combined with more than 50 formations, providing fans with a plethora of playstyles they can choose from. This not only makes the game more entertaining, it also makes it more immersive.

EA Sports College Football 25 In-Game Footage
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With over 134 playbooks, that can be customized to the players liking, players will have control over their team like never before. This also makes matchups much more interesting and challenging.

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