Last of Us 2: Story will rival Cyberpunk for single-player experience

You may have the seen the news - the story mode for The Last of Us Part II has, or at least was, leaked.

We won't divulge the leaks or screenshots, but we can asses what this means for Naughty Dog's new title, and how it shapes up against its other Current Gen rival, Cyberpunk 2077.

Setting the scene

Lovers of the original Last of Us game would no doubt say the game was not only tough, but frightening.

Despite using previous gen PS3 graphics, the game was still engaging and tough enough to make you want to play on, even if a clicker was lurking around the corner.

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WORLD WAR Z - It's time to buckle up and face the kickers again

You can level that up for LoU2, which will feature different kinds of zombies, human militia enemies and guard dogs.

If that sounds too tough, there is some solace in the fact that Ellie is no longer 14 years old, and is now 19 and well practised in combat! (Can we she swim this time though?)

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So how about Cyberpunk 2077? The game we've been waiting an eternity for!

Well, one BIG difference, albeit optional, is that you can complete the CD Projekt Red title... without killing anyone.

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FUTURISTIC - There's little in common with Last of Us 2's appearance

Don't read into that too much, because one area where the game differs is the game landscape.

In The Last of Us series, you spend a lot of time sneaking around in the shadows, sneaking past enemies or creeping on them to attack them, whereas Cyberpunk is more open world.

You can roam the streets much like GTA, and if you haven't p****ed anyone off you won't be attacked.

Engaging story

Okay, it's very difficult to compare the two games when it comes to the gameplay environment, but what about the story?

The task here is to grip the player in, that they simply must keep playing - something that Last of Us nailed first time around, even if it was terrifying.

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WE GO AGAIN - An aged Joel will want fans to do it for their comrade

As for Cyberpunk, their remarkable trailer wanted us to play that game right goddamn now, but we still wait, like a starving tiger.

Throw in Keanu Reeves into the mix and BOOM, you've got an engaging story. It always helps to have a familiar face along with you, especially if they're telling you "you're breathtaking" whenever you doubt yourself.

Other story modes to have executed on this include Until Dawn (Hayden Panettiere, Rami Malek & Brett Dalton), and Ghost Recon Breakpoint (John Berthnal).

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BREATHTAKING - We're in it if you are, Keanu

The fact that both of these games, despite delays, have resisted the temptation to release them on Next Gen instead, shows they have confidence in the product.

The Last of Us team has been here before, releasing the first game only a few months before PS4 arrived.

With Part II having been worked on for around three and a half years, expect something special from Naughty Dog.

As for Cyberpunk, despite not having a previous game to go on (apologies to all you tabletop role-playing game fans).

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