Call of Duty Mobile: Season 2 new details breakdown - Zombies, Controller Support, new maps & more

Zombies are finally here! Starting from 22nd November, Activision released the Season 2 update for its mobile game.

DualShock 4 Controller support, as said in this update, is buggy for some devices.

It was unusable for us here at RealSport (using a a Playstation Dualshock 4).

That aside, we run through everything in this update for Call of Duty Mobile Season 2.

Zombies Mode

The horde is here and ready challenge you and three friends in this new zombies experience brought to Call of Duty: Mobile! Here is a quick look at the zombies and its two modes:

Raid Mode

Venture out into the classic Call of Duty: World War at War zombies’ map "Shi No Numa" and explore as much as you can with your teammates while preparing for the final battle.

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WHAT THE F***: Will you defeat the disgusting Abomination?

  • Traditional points-based system with wall buys for weapons and locked doors
  • Boarding windows and killing zombies are the two primary ways of earning points
  • Round based with an 8-round limit for Normal difficulty

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  • Round based with a 12-round limit for Hardcore difficulty
  • On the 8/12th rounds all players are sent to fight for their lives against the Abomination (boss)
  • Earn new zombies exclusive loot each time you play (check in-game for specifics)
  • Explore above and below ground to find clues about the reason the lab was abandoned

Endless Survival Mode

Participate in this traditional zombies mode where it is all up to you determine how long you can survive against the undead hordes.

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HERE WE GO: How long can you last against zombie horde?

This is your classic endless wave-based mode with all the features listed above for Raid Mode minus the boss fight. Compete against your friends and the general community to last the longest on the zombies mode leaderboards.

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For both modes, make sure to seek out and collect those unique weapons that will give you perks specific to that mode. However, these weapons may not all be found on wall-buys, so if you cannot find a weapon turn to the mystery box.

Controller Support

Every week you’ve been asking for it and now it is here, controller support!

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GET A GRIP: Level up your play by connecting a wireless controller

How It Works

  • DUALSHOCK4 PlayStation 4 and official Xbox One controllers are supported
  • 1st gen versions of those official PS4 controllers are not supported
  • Controllers will only work in matches and not in menus.
  • You should enable controller settings in-game before syncing your wireless controller


Players will only be matched with other players who are using controllers

However, if you are in a party and one your party member uses a controller then the whole party will be matched with other players using controllers.

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For more details, like how to setup a controller or to see what kind of control options you’ll have then head in-game to the Help Section (the Question Mark to the left of your Inbox) and Controllers and Emulators.

Additional Login Options

While we still have additional options coming for this and new ways to link your account or login, we do have two new ways to login with this update: Google Play & Game Center.

When using a Guest account you will now have the option to link that guest account to your Google Play or Game Center account.

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This will allow you to save, protect, and sync your data to those accounts. However, unlike Facebook or Line this does not pull any information over, like your profile picture.

Warning, you will not be able to switch from a previous account to one of these new login options without losing your player data, but all players may now utilize these options to initially setup and link your account.


New maps, new modes, new content, and plenty of fixes and changes. For those you are seeking new ways to interact with your clan and receive rewards for doing so you’ll now be able to participate in daily clan missions.

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If you’ve been yearning for new maps to master then look no further, we have a limited time winter themed version of Raid coming this season alongside our featured map from this update: Summit.

Battle Royale

Multiplayer isn’t the only mode getting plenty of love in this update, but you’ll now find new areas of the map to explore alongside a winter themed update.

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OUT ON TOP: The wintery Summit map looks stunning

For those of you who are looking to truly explore make sure to look for changes & additions beyond just snowy areas with new weapon to acquire, the M16, and new events to encounter.

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